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Why the 18+ rating?

Mostly due to the psychological thriller against Sith characters, but also the nature of limb severing and decapitations? We feel it just makes since to allow for graphic content.

When it is warranted, strong language is OK to use. Do be mindful, though, that the F-bomb and others were never used in SW. So please be creative and makeup a new word that carries a similar context.

How many characters can I have on this sim?

You can have 2 Player Characters, and 5 NPCs to start. If you can prove to handle all of these, you can have 1 extra NPC, per request, so long as you can keep these characters active.

If I am removed due to activity, am I able to return at a later date?

Yes. We do not ban people for inactivity and we will not kill your characters off unless asked.

Am I allowed to create/submit mission ideas?

Our sim encourages new ideas, so yes. We might not do the mission immediately after it's handed in, but we will find a way to fit it in if the idea goes along nicely with ROTF's direction.

Is there a limit to how many Force Powers a character can have?

For the purposes of character development, everyone starts as Knights or below. The CO-GMs, as a result, have decided to limit the amount of Force Powers, for a new character.

If it is listed as a, [Passive], that and the Core Powers, are freebies and do not count to your next 5 starting powers. Anything labeled, [Rare/Difficult to Learn], will need GM-Approval and will count as part of your 5 starting bonus power.

Will we see space combat stories?

At this time, no. The Rebellion is in the early stages of building cells. So they do not have a lot of resources for space combat. However, we will do a time jump, when it is appropriate. When that happens, yes, we will see space combat.

This is not to say there wont be any space action, far from it. Most of what we do in space will be centered around evading and sabotaging.

Am I allowed to have a starship?

As long as the starship is frigate-sized or smaller and not an X/B-Wing (They aren't available yet IC), then yes, you can have a starship.

However, Haven's base has a limited hangar space. So, if every character owns a fighter or a ship larger that the YT line of freighters, most of them will be docked atop the base, close to the cliffside, out in the open.

Am I allowed companion NPCs such as droids, family, friends...?

Yes. While we allow people to have Player-Character Droid toons, so to, are we fine with people having NPC droids and other companions. However, they will count as your 5 NPC limit.

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