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Concepts for Star Wars characters are no different from any other type of franchise character. You need a name, age of the character, species, strength and weaknesses, as well as a history and service (if this applies) that establishes these key concepts:

  • Where did your character come from?
  • What events helped shape their personality? (Marriage, Deaths of Loved Ones, Failures, Successes...)
  • Where did they learn their skillsets?
  • Do they have grudges? Enemies? Friends?

From these questions, you can begin to form a general idea of who your character is, and have an easier time filling in a lot of the other aspects of the bio form.

Star Wars Archetypes

It is very likely most of us understand the traditional Greek narrative archetypes, for which most adventure stories are made up of. Thus, we will not be going over them. Suffice to say, at some point, all of us will be seen as mentors and heroes in the story, regardless if a character is a bit of an outcast.

Star Wars, however, has very distinctive archetypes, not unlike the Greek plays or D&D, that we will have for this Sim: Smuggler (Rogue), Rebel Solider (Fighter), Droid (Servant/Slave), and Force User (Paladin [Jedi], Divine Champion [Shadow/Grey Jedi], or Blackguard [Dark Jedi/Sith]).

While these trades/classes are very specific, their background and personality can be very diverse in most cases.

It is good to note that just because someone plays a Jedi or Sith, does not mean their characters have to be rigid or righteous in their ways, or flat in personality. Paladins of D&D aren't always chaste, for example. Nor are all Blackguards in D&D evil baby-eaters.

The main attributes of the class (profession) you choose for your character, need to be clearly recognized, in the end. But you are not beholden to the stereotypes that establish many of these Star Wars archetypes.

So long as your character has 3-5 distinctive strengths and weakness, deviation from the typical character type you've chosen should be accepted.

Starting Points

The best way for Non-Force Users to enter the story, is as Rebel soldiers, having been assigned to Haven as added security and protectors of the Force Sensitive children, and added muscle for Enclave-related missions.

Force Users have a few choices:
  1. Have the Rebel Intelligence Network spread the word to have someone get your character.
  2. There is a 6-Year gap between Order 66, and where the story is. So you can have your character already part of the enclave, and possibly do a backstory about that.

  3. Playable Races

    ROTF does allow people to chose almost any sort of race to play, within reason. Below are the race standards ROTF's command staff has decided to enforce:
    • No YODA species.
    • Wookies are a 1-20 species due to rarity.
    • No Mandalorian Jedi (You can be a Mandalorian just not a force user).
    • No half breeds that are NOT scientifically possible.

    Character Assosiations

    We do recognize that some characters will have come across the canon characters of the Star Wars universe. Below are the basic allowances and situations for which the command staff will recognize certain character associations.
    • Players are not allowed to have their characters directly related to famous Star Wars characters.
    • Jedi characters are not allowed to have been padawans to famous canon Jedi Characters.
    • ROTF does recognize that Jedi Masters like Yoda, who taught youngling lightsaber classes, are integral to most Jedi character backgrounds.
    • Clone War Jedi General backgrounds also are acknowledged by the GM staff as likely to interact with Yoda and other canon Jedi. As such, we ask players to refrain from having close friendships with these major characters.

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