Episode Structure

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ROTF has taken great strides into figuring out what the "Best" method is to running a successful Force-Heavy Star Wars Sim. Part of that formula is the mission structure.

Within the first few months of operation, we realized that in order to give players a meaningful experience and feel like their characters are important, we needed to drop the Star Trek RP mission structure and provide an authentic narrative experience that actually feels like it belongs in the Star Wars franchise.

Multi-Story Episode Format

The first step in creating our new mission format was to create multiple stories inside a single Episode (Mission). Since ROTF is heavily focused on Jedi, how the roster of characters get their assignments is via the Enclave Leadership - during the Prologue of each Episode. Similar to how the Jedi Council would hand out assignments.

The amount of stories ROTF fits into an Episode is dependant on how many players are on the roster. Ideally, no more than 4-6 characters are assigned a story (some missions may require more). Each story also has an AGM tasked with controlling the story's pace.

All stories are written in acts (Begining, Middle, End, Prologue [Back at Haven]). Each act has 2-3 objectives to hit. The AGMs will let their story group know what those are, but it's also encouraged people work collectively to build on that story - if that's what they want to do.

Haven Stories and Character Rotations

Haven is primarily used to intake new players (and their character), as well as do stories that world-build Haven itself. There are action sequences planned for Haven in every Episode we have planned. However, the planet is meant to be a bit more focused on character development.

For new players, this is the best spot to start your character, get a feel for them, work out kinks, and get them interacting with some of the veteran players that are also on Haven for that Episode.

ROTF Command Staff recognizes that not everyone likes the more character-driven stories, and we have no intention to press it upon everyone all the time. Rest assured, we will all have an Episode done on Haven, and be rotated out the following Episode.

Those who love the "Starbase" narrative Trek Sims are known for, however, can be assigned the Haven stories until they request something different. That said... just like the other missions, Haven can be full of action and intrigue too, if the players in that story group want to add more to the story.


In the end, ROTF's structure follows a more "Adventure" style known for Star Wars. Smaller story groups make it easier for the Command Staff to give people individual spotlights in the Episodes. We also mix-up the players from Episode to Episode so people get to know other players.

ROTF depends on a co-operative writing environment. So you as a player will get exactly what you put into it. Understanding our Episode structure may also help in making this a more positive experience.

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