Command Staff Responsibilities

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The OOC Command Staff is comprised of 2 CO-GMs (CO-Game Masters) and 3 AGMs (Assistant Game Masters). All members of the Command Staff are charged with respecting and enforcing the Lore originally set by Larkin and Shep.

Collectively, this command unit discusses critical changes to make to the Sim. On Discord and the Nova site, the Command Staff is equally charged with keeping/maintaining a friendly, helpful atmosphere.

AGM Duties

AGMs are essentially mini CO-GMs. On occasion, they are asked opinions about applications and disciplinary suggestions, but ideally, they are Discord moderatos and pace-setters for stories. Listed below are all of the basic responsibilities and powers of AGMs:

* Change Roles in Discord
* Make Judgements in the Absence of CO-GMs
* Controls the Pace in Which Stories Inside an Episode, is Run
* Edit and Read ALL Posts in Nova * Can Have more responsibility On-Request to the CO-GMs

Becoming an AGM is based on a person's admin/social skills, time-served, and the number of players on our roster. Every 5 players warrant a new AGM.

CO-GM Duties

CO-GMs have the same responsibilities as the AGMs, as well as the following additions:

* Moderate Posts
* Approve/Decline Player Apps
* Various Nova Site Admin
* Ban Players [Nova and Discord]
* Write Wiki Pages for the Archives
* Approve/Deny Episode Story Proposals
* Approve/Deny Rare Power Requests
* Anything Else Not Mentioned

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