Character Property Guidelines

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Character Property Guidelines


ROTF prides itself in providing a nice playground for players to create and play-out their own stories (when time permits). That said, there are a few guidelines that should be followed in regards to the equipment, droid companions, and vehicles.

Some of these guidelines may seem harsh but understand Haven (the planet we’re on In-Character) is a remote location. It does not have a big spaceport or city and The Enclave itself is not a massive complex. Most of the facility within the rockface has caved-in and will gradually be opened back up.

As the Rebel Cell on Haven grows, so to will the size and mission-scope grow. But for now, we are not a fleet operations-focused Sim. This leads to our first set of guidelines…


Because our mission does not revolve around space battles and planetary strafing runs via fighter squadrons, ROTF’s command staff does not want to have anything larger than small-to-medium cargo freighters.

What we will allow are personal fighters (No X-Wings or B-Wings), ships with a crew/passenger threshold of 10 or less, and replica ship classes of The Old Republic Era (I.E. Replica Ebon Hawks, Defender-Class, Mantis Patrol Boat…).

However, fitting your freighter or fighter out will have to be practical. Not every ship can be as sturdy as the Millennium Falcon. Here’s some wickets to know about upgrading your ships:

* To add a shield generator or gunwell, you have to remove living and/or cargo space.
* Fast Hyperdrives are high-maintaince and expensive to purchase.
* Who will man these offensive and defensive stations?
* Are your upgrades in the realm of believeability?

In the end, if you are wanting a pimped out ride to be the "Best Spacer" in the galaxy, then you are very likely applying for the wrong Sim. ROTF uses starships to get us to and from locations so please keep that in mind as you customize your ships.

Droid Companions

In the Star Wars universe, droids are used to complement and counter their masters with skills their masters are either not proficient in, or do not possess. So a character’s droid companion should primarily perform functions that the owner will depend on.

Most droids are specialized in specific areas, and normally only 1 area. The size and internal configuration of a droid can determine if they can be easily reprogramed for other purposes, or given a sub-set of rudimentary secondary skills. (I.E. A combat droid who also interprets a small number of languages.)

Pilots typically use Astromechs for navigation computations and their repair/slicer capabilities. Many Jedi explorers, as another example, prefer BD droids due to their compact size, high-capacity HD holographic scanners, slicing abilities, and limited healing stim storage.

Try to keep to no more than 2 droid companions per character. But also keep in mind, just like your playing characters, the droids need clear weaknesses and limitations.


ROTF will not police every item characters are most likely to carry with them all the time. However, we do need to discuss the practicality and likelihood of carrying specific items on your person.

As a general understanding, lightsaber hilts are rarely made resistant to opposing lightsaber blades. Lightsaber-proof alloy, in general, is wicked expensive and depending on the type of resistant and/or saber-proof alloy, could also be impossible for Jedi to possess due to their creed (I.E. It's frowned upon to construct an expensive weapon for supposed meager monks).

A full Mandalorian beskar suit, for example, is considered priceless and beyond a buying price for most Non-Mandalorians. There are many other types of lightsaber-proof alloy out there, but most mines and ingot banks are heavily occupied by The Mining Guild or The Galactic Empire's military. Finding a mine that isn't occupied can be a hard and lengthy process.

So, if going for a lightsaber-proof item, ask yourself if it is possible for your character to afford to have/mine/steal/make such an item. Unless you're from a family of wealth or are a Mandalorian with armor passed down via generations, attaining such alloy will be difficult, dangerous, and rare.

A similar question should be asked for Jedi carrying multiple Force weapons or wishing to upgrade them with exceptionally rare (or hard-to-obtain) Force crystals. Would your character risk their morals and/or life for something so precious? Does your Force character really need 5 lightsaber-type weapons?

Ship Cloaks are another item to discuss, for similar reasons. These are exceptionally rare and exceedingly expensive. Unless you’re in command of a capital ship, getting hold of one of these cloaks is hard. And even if you’re lucky enough to steal one, ship cloaks are temperamental and breakdown a lot.

At the end of the day, ask yourself if the property your character possesses is practical or frivolous to their personal backgrounds and creed. Do they elevate the roster? Or elevate the character? In a Sim where the characters have to help each other survive? Items wanted for vanity's sake will not cut it.

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