Non Force User Characters

Created by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 2:04pm


No matter if you're playing a rebel soldier, mercenary, or droid, the character backgrounds can be quite diverse. And, unlike Force Users, many Non Force Users concepts have few restraints and restrictions.

Rebels and Mercs

For the Rebels and Mercs, they serve the Enclave in mostly combat and support. Backgrounds are diverse, but at the core of it, rebels and mercs aid The Enclave because they see The Enclaves inhabitants as the better option to the Empire's Sith and Inquisitors.

What makes these people unique from Force Users, is that they are highly specialized in their career fields. In many ways pairing with Force Users with similar skillsets create some of the best pairings a team can be given, depending on the task in front of them.

Droid Characters

Droids can be a fun, unique concept for a player to consider. At their core, droids are subservient and hold support roles (medics, cooks, janitors, techs, pilots...).

Most droids will likely have the main role, and 1 or 2 sub-roles that they are not nearly as proficient in.

They have limited means to evolve and most are vulnerable to most types of weapon damage. The only exception is your combat droids, who are designed to be pretty durable.

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