Rebel Alliance, Function

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At its core, the Rebel Alliance operates in small cells across the galaxy. There are no large, coordinated operations yet because of how small the cells are, how little funding they get, and the limited resources each cell has.

Thus, it will be some time In-Character before we do massive battles as one united front.

Information Flow
How each cell receives its orders varies on how strong or weak Imperial forces are, in a cell's area. All resistance cells, however, have an information chain that feeds up to high-ranking Rebel Intelligence Operatives codenamed: Fulcrum. Who they are, is kept secret, even to the Rebel Cell leaders.

If anyone with this codename reaches out personally to a cell, they only ever speak to the cell's leader.

Fulcrum agents speak with the approval of the Rebel Alliance's top leaders, so all Rebel Cell leaders know to follow their orders.

The cell leaders know only to reach out to specific individuals when relaying local intelligence back up the chain. This is so if anyone is captured, the Rebel Alliance is not at risk of being destroyed systematically due to a big security breach.

Cell Structure
The majority of Rebel Alliance cells are not big enough to warrant many officer ranks. Most cells are small squads of ground units, specialized in small arms and explosives.

All cells have a leader. Lieutenants are what most cell commanders hold in rank. Larger cells with fighters or capital ships may see a General or Admiral in command. And any time a big operation is done with multiple cell leaders holding the same flag rank, Fulcrum will relay the chain of command for that mission on behalf of the Rebel Alliance's high leadership.

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