Force-Based Character Creation

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Adult Force Users come from various backgrounds, though the majority of them were once Jedi. As such, in the Post Order 66 Era, many of the young adult Force Users living on Haven would have been raised in the Jedi Order.

However, those Force Users who were not initially tested or failed the basic Jedi Temple's preliminary screenings... Their skillsets are that of what normal people would have (slicers, doctors, pilots, spies...). These individuals very likely were, Late Bloomers in The Force.

For those wanting a more character-driven, spiritual, and intimate journey with The Force, an adult Jedi Padawan/Shadow Novice may very well be the storyline for you.

Those wanting a Post-Order 66 story of survival and recovery, having been outed and on-the-run as a known Jedi... This more emotional, character-driven route maybe your character's background preference too.

Regardless of the choices, in a Post-Order 66 environment, life is hard for those looking for Peace.

Force Adept

There are many Force Sensitive people across the galaxy. The most basic of those with strong Force connections are the Force Adepts. These people are gifted with no more than 3-5 Force Powers that are learned by trial-and-error, with no training oversight.

Their backgrounds are varied, for the Force Powers most Adepts possess are not as transparent as the physical-boosting powers Jedi so commonly use. Most Force Adepts don't even realize the limited Force talents they have, is The Force.

Jedi Life

For the Jedi character, most younglings were brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant between the human ages of 3-5. At which time, all the young children would have been placed into a Youngling Clan with children their age.

A Youngling clan has 1 Jedi Master, and often 1 freshly-minted Jedi Knight who's in need of experience in teaching/instructing.

Younglings and Padawans typically share rooms with 2-3 other people, while Knights and above are given their own rooms. However, some races are granted permission for their own rooms due to racial/cultural/medical purposes.

Early Jedi education is told primarily by older historians and loremasters of The Order. While Master Yoda teaches the fundamentals of lightsaber combat.

Ages 8-10, the best and brightest of the younglings are chosen to go to Ilum in a ritual called, "The Gathering." This is where younglings harvest their first Kyber crystal and build their first lightsaber.

By age 12, if they have not acquired a master for individualized training (Padawanship), a youngling is then offered auxiliary career options. Most of the Jedi Order is comprised of Force Users apart of Jedi Order's Temple Security, AgriCorps, Medical Corps, and Engineering Corps.

Depending on how old a Padawan is, their maturity, and experience, they could see knighthood in 6-10 years. This all depends on how well they gel with their assigned master (Jedi Knight or Jedi Master), and how in-control and disciplined they are in themselves.

Padawans are skilled enough that they can handle most situations with a master beside them. Their blade work is acceptable, their command of The Force is also fair enough that they can do field assignments.

When their master feels a Padawan is ready, and the High Council agrees, the Padawan takes the Jedi Knight Trials. Only by showing skill in the blade, courage against an enemy, overcoming injuries, and staying true to one's self, would a Padawan be granted the rank of Jedi Knight.

Overall, Jedi life is all about physical and mental discipline and only a select few Jedi became Knights.

Shadow Life

150 years after the New Sith Wars came to a close (850 BBY), the Jedi Shadow sect was officially disbanded from the Jedi Order due to the non-existent presence of Sith. Unofficially, the Shadow Order was established to continue doing the wetwork of The Jedi Order.

Due to the plausible deniability the Jedi High Council wanted, there was no official membership list of the clandestine Shadow Order. Thus, in the current timeline, only the Shadow Order's Grandmaster would be contacted for secret missions.

Typically, Shadows aren't born. They are forged and made. It takes one who has a pragmatic, realist view on life and often (but not required) a firm command of The Force. As such, most Shadow Novices are chosen as late teens to early adulthood.

The circumstances for the secrecy is mostly due to the philosophy of Shadows. They are trained to balance their emotions. To use both Light and Dark Force Powers. Stealth and blending in are skills required for Knighthood, as well as the ability to follow The Will of The Force.

Shadows serve a Greater Good. When The Force is silent, many Shadows wait and observe. Others take part. But all Shadows spend a lifetime always keeping their emotions in check.

A Shadow is knighted when their master believes they have proven able to follow their tenants, and maintain Focus, no matter which side of The Force they use.

Force Powers

To pick the Force Powers you want for your character, please see the link in this sentence. Anything labeled, "[Passive] and the Core Powers" are free. Anything labled, "[Rare] or [Difficult to Learn]" need CO-GM approval.

So along with the Core and Passive Powers Knight-level Force characters can choose for free... Knight-Level Force Users get to pick an additional 5 more Force Powers. Any power pre-approved by the CO-GM staff will count as part of your initial 5 Force Powers.

Attaining more Force Powers must be done through IC tutelage from another character that already has said skill.

Padawan/Novice-leveled Force PCs, can pick up to 3 Force Powers, and learn the rest ICly from their master

Lightsaber Training

There are a few rules regarding the Lightsaber forms that need to be adhered to. Niman (Form VI) being the exception to the rule, non-warrior Force Users will generally only know 1 form. Young adults in this category, will very likely only be adept in the form due to their scholarly/technical studies.

Force Warriors, however, can learn 2-3 different forms, given their dedication to lightsaber combat. This links to the lightsaber forms can be found Here and Here.

Below are a few guidelines and reminders we wish players to consider when choosing the right form for their Force-using character.
  • Forms I - VI (1 - 6) are accepted as long as you take into account your character's age and how long they have been training the particular form/s to determine how proficient they are in it.
  • Form VII (7) is RESTRICTED. The JUYO variant is considered SITH only while the VAAPAD variant is limited to needing the approval to learn from someone who already knows the technique.

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