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Race to Exfil

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 8:01am by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH & Combat IG-100-B "Ton" & Knight Elusiaa Tamoaa & Knight Illiana Duran & Colonel CC-02-1002 (aka Flare) & Colonel Kayn Antares & Soldier Carlist Tamoaa
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Mission: A Call To Action
Location: AT-AT, Around the Prison Complex
Timeline: MD04: Early Nighttime

"Shadow Leader to all assets. Targets are acquired. Exfil ETA 2 minutes. Mister Tamoaa, your kid's on the line with me, if you want to talk to him."

Those were Shana's final commands before Kray got to speak with his dad. Then silence. The BD droids, Flare, and Shana came out of the backdoor of the detention center a minute later with Elusiaa and Kray. And it was here she noticed the fireball on the other side of the prison, as well as prisoners spilling out of the place, armed to the teeth with blaster rifles and pistols.

They charged as one angry mob toward a landing troop transport two-hundred yards downrange. Likely sent from the ISD above them. Shana just shook her head and smiled. Chaos was their friend, this day.

"All strike team members, board the AT-AT and wait for our ride to exfil," Shana commanded into her earpiece while she and Flare began to affix ascension cables to their old Republic commando blasters.

The Tharanta descended from the sky and hovered near the walker. "Mistress Oban. I suggest you not tarry. There's a lot of reinforcements on their way."

"We're aware," Shana spoke shortly while she snapped Kray into her safety harness and hugged him with her free hand before she and the boy began to slide up the wall until it reached the top of the wall.

Jen arrived at the foot of the walker and used her grapple gun to climb up to the Tharanta's side hatch. Climbing aboard, she took the co-pilot's chair. "Karabast! That's a lot of reinforcements. Jake, the next time I decide to get heroic, do me a favor and talk me out of it," Jen noted as she brought up the turret controlled.

Two remote dual laser turrets emerged on top and below the hull of the Tharanta. Jen began manipulating the turrets from the co-pilot's seat and the top turret began turning and tracking the incoming contacts. "Jake, get the nav computer working on the Hyperspace Calculations!"

Ton had already been atop the walker, firing off both his E-22 double-barrel blaster rifles at approaching troopers. "Meatspone Killcount: 34," he continued and laid down massive covering fire for the strike team.

Shana unclipped the ascension cable and with The Force, leaped atop the walker, and turned so Kray could see his mother and Flare coming up behind them.

"You may as well come with us, Havoc Lead. Nothing for you here. The Empire's not letting this defeat go unpunished," Shana spoke over the battlenet as she helped repel a few stray blaster shots aimed at Ton, using her saber-pike. "Pack-up shop and board with us, Colonel."

After only a moment's hesitation, his reply came back over the comm. "Copy," was all he said, though the word sounded heavy in his mouth. Across the causeway, Kayn Antares let go of the e-web, and the cannon's gun tilted downward from its own weight. Havoc was gone. Those that lived were not enough to keep the cell going, and staying on the planet only further put the people there at risk. He switched the channel on his commstick. "Spade, we're going." The droid beeped an acknowledgment.

Joining Shana on the top of the Walker, Illiana felt very much alive, and in her element, her own lightsaber deflecting blaster bolts as the remaining members of their team boarded the large vehicle. She watched her new colleague for a few seconds before making her way inside the craft. There, she was reunited with an excitable BD-unit who stood on the bench next to her, bobbing up and down and chattering away in his familiar beeps and squeals. The young Mirialan patted her mechanical friend on the head silently, before resting backward.

Jen fired the turrets at more fighters, using her force precognition to time the shots. "I'm on 37, scrap-bucket," Jen shouted to Ton.

Over the com-link came a third voice. "Keep this com clear, you two..." it was more to Jen then anything else, this woman's case of vanity was something he found deeply disturbing. He spotted an AT-ST nearby as it moved through the trees, he then fired several rockets at it before two more ambushed him. "Blast!" Tamoaa growled softly. He fired a full salvo of blaster bolts at the second walker, blasting it to bits but the damage warnings increased quickly.

Shana shouted down at Flare and Elusiaa, "You're clear. Ton and I will cover you."

Flare nodded to Tamoaa. "Going up ma'am?"

"Thank you." and with that Elusiaa leaped up onto the top of the walker, Flare smiled as he took the hard way up with the grapple guns. "Just like the old days." he muttered under his breath, a gentle smile on his lips, a moment later he landed on the top of the walker. "All accounted for?"

"Just waiting for Havoc Lead," Shana spoke over the comlink and pointed to where Havoc was. "Ton, Flare. Covering fire for him."

"Pleased Acknowledgment: Certainly, Mistress Shana," Ton spoke happily, and began firing his E-22s at the enemy firing line before Kayn.

Crossing the open field scatter-shot was frustrating work, but suddenly the barrage of red blaster fire kept the advancing 'troopers at bay. Antares dashed across the gap, his droid hovering ahead of him. He pointed at the walker firmly, and SP-4D3 stopped, turned, and hovered into the opening. Antares leaned against the leg and reached for his belt, thankful that he hadn't lost his ascension gun in the scuffle. Taking aim, he hit just shy of the hatch. Hands gripping as the magnetic link hardened the line, Kayn ascended between crisscrossing bolts of green fire.

Hands came down from the hatch, pulling him in faster than he could have done himself, and Antares leaned against the inside wall. It was only then that he noticed his cybernetic leg had been hit. The rebel exhaled shakily, looking up at his new friends. "Thanks."

Elusiaa nodded at him. "Welcome aboard... wherever the hell we are..." she commented to the unknown male rebel, while she was sitting on a bench with her son next to her, hugging his mother. Elusiaa gently rubbing his shoulder.

"On Miss Varris' ship," Shana said as she and Ton entered the ship close behind, being the second-to-last to board. "Let's blow the AT-AT and get out of here, Carlist!"

Tamoaa smiled as he picked up his new helmet. "Alright. I'm on my way out," he commented as he moved into the back of the walker.

He went over to the power core and pulled the small kill switch from the reactor. Now all Carlist needed to do would be to flip the switch to the generator, which would then overload and meltdown. The effect would be that of a massive explosion. He smiled as he activated the self-destruction system.

Tamoaamoved onto the top of the walker, not long after. He then headed onto the ship which had come to pick up the strike team. "Alright, the walker's power core is set to blow," he said as he handed Shana the small kill-switch. "Detonate it when ready."

"Jen!? Get us clear of the AT-AT and cloak us," Shana ordered, then handed the detonator to Elusiaa, who of all people on the ship, suffered most on Adamar. "When she's clear, it's yours to blow, Ma'am."

Elusiaa gently accepted the detonator. "Thank you." She pulled the trigger and then flipped the switch. The AT-AT suddenly vanished in a massive, blinding fireball of an explosion as shards of metal debris began flying in all directions.

"Jake!" The ship turned and lanced into the sky, but not before picking up some pursuers. Several V-Wing Interceptors began pursuing and firing at the Tharanta. "Strap in back there! This is going to get hairy." Jen shouted.

Elusiaa closed her eyes as she knelt down on the ground, as she reached out in all directions with the force, she wanted to sense where everything was.

The Mirialan suddenly grabbed the minds of two of the Imperial pilots and forced them to collide. The collision caused both ships to explode. She tried to reach out to the last two but she couldn't quite get there as she sighed.

"Maybe someday, I'll teach you how to use a shield like this," Shana promised Kray as she and Flare sat beside his family, buckled in, and gently took the shield back from the boy.

Shana was covered in sweat and grime from climbing in trees, not to mention phasing through oily walkers. But otherwise, unscathed. Her prosthetic leg started to lag some, on their way back to the AT-AT however. Once they were in hyperspace, the Shadow would switch out the power source. But for now, she settled in for the ride. Just like her days in the Clone Wars, sitting in the back of the LAAT transports with very little control over anything.

"We're cloaked to their sensors, but if they can see us, they can shoot at us. Their targeting computer won't register us, and imperials cannot shoot straight even if their lives depended on it." Jake punched the Tharanta hard out of the atmosphere with the V-Wings in pursuit. Jen targeted them and fired the ship's turrets at the wing that was pursuing.

"Jen, I almost have the hyperspace coordinates set. Hold them off a little longer." The Droid Pilot noted. Jen nodded. "Right." She reached up and began pulling down a leaver, in the cockpit, the starfield began to streak past them as the ship entered hyperspace followed by the Hyperspace Tunnel. Jen spoke. "Keep us on course for Haven, Jake."

Jen got up, walked through the ship, and she suddenly shot a glance at Kayn. Without another word she suddenly walked into her quarters, closed and locked the door.

"Well...." Shana sighed, leaned her head back in the seat, and closed her eyes. She was tired. "Tonight could have gone better... But with some of us out of practice, and others not used to working in groups, it wasn't terrible. Got a lot to do, regardless, when we get home."

Illiana shot the older woman a look, a look that implied that she agreed with her, but also held her responsible for the relative failures in the mission. After all, she was the mission leader. Right? The Mirialan then leant her head back against the bulkhead and closed her eyes. Some rest was warranted after the most intense fight she had undergone in some time.

Nearby. Elusiaa was sitting in a chair, her son was curled up next to his mother, he was already asleep as Elusiaa tried to meditate, she was failing as she couldn't reach the state required. "I can't do it..." she muttered.

Carlist regarded his spouse. "Its gonna be okay..." he smiled at her. "Let me have him..."

Elusiaa smiled as she gently picked up their sleeping child, who moaned softly while she passed him over to his father. Kray stirred but did not wake up.

The small group of Jedi and the small cell of Rebels settled in for a day of contemplation, debrief, but mostly rest. For that was how long it would be to reach Haven - Their home.


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