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The BD Battalion Rides Again

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2020 @ 11:01am by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH & Knight Elusiaa Tamoaa & Knight Illiana Duran & Colonel CC-02-1002 (aka Flare)
Edited on on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 8:18pm

Mission: A Call To Action
Location: Adamar, Mabyn City, Inside the Detention Center Compound
Timeline: MD04: After the Barracks Explosion

Shana knew there was no arguing with her husband. Flare and she had been through a lot during The Clone Wars, so it was only natural to have him as a backup. On his left shoulder, BD-7 was perched while Fix-It - her BD droid, was on her right shoulder.

Now that the enemy E-Web nests were taken out by Illiana, all they had to do was wait for stormtroopers to stop trickling out the front gate.

"I know Flare and I aren't Illiana, BD-7. But I promise you, we'll keep you safe," Shana whispered to him. Fix-It tooted something explicit about Shana's penchant for dangerous missions, for which she poked him on his cognitive module's red scanner. "Ignore your friend, BD-7. He's an ass."

Tilting his head in several directions as he watched the interaction between Master and Droid, the large optical lens on the front of BD-7's 'face' rotated once or twice before he let out a few beeps and whistles in response.

"Cables," Shana spoke to Flare as she loaded her blaster pistol. She could have chanced it with a Force jump, but not with Flare. She did not want to injure him so the old fashioned way seemed best. "On 3."

Flare regarded his spouse next to him, he nodded at her. "On your go," he responded quietly. The countdown was completed and up they went, both in silence. For him it was like the old days during the clone wars, when he felt most alive. Flare knelt on the top of the wall, as he lifted his rifle, intending to cover the droid as he worked or Shana when she would make her move.

Once they were atop the wall, Shana pointed to a power box with a slice port, built into the outer wall of one of the disabled E-web towers. "Fix-It, turn the outer lights of the detention center off."

The droid blew her a raspberry-like sound as he skittered to the tower to perform his task. Shana in turn looked to BD-7, "Can you unlock the backdoor?"

BD-7 did a little jig up and down before he, likewise, scuttled away to do as requested by the Master. He wasn't used to doing the bidding of others these days, but his Master had assured him that Shana would not put him at risk and so, he gladly did as she requested. He fired off a few beeps and a whistle at Fix-It before turning to look at Shana. A bob up and down as he retracted his arms told that he had been successful.

Shana smiled at both droids and held her right arm out so both could skitter back upon her shoulders. Once they were snug, Shana signaled Flare that they were up. With the Force, Shana extended a cloaked field around her body, using the Force. Quietly she entered the building, invisible to the human eye and in The Force.

Quickly she and Flare moved until they found a guard observation room with various plug-in ports. She motioned for Flare to watch the door as she held her arms out on a computer table for the little BD droids to unload and deploy.

"So... you guys have the best job," Shana spoke happily as she popped out of stealth with a quiet whoosh sound. "I need you to disrupt power systems, communications systems. Send the remaining Imps in the building scrambling to fix one issue after the next. Flare and I are going to save the Jedi and her kid. So we'll also need you both to be our eyes. There's 2 Inquisitors still in the building. So be careful."

Fix-It, surprisingly, did not retort colorfully. Instead, he nodded and waddled over to a data port. BD-7 took up a position at another port, dutifully following the woman's orders as he plugged in and began to do his thing.

Shana turned her battlenet up on her comlink and heard Ton's voice. She frowned, then looked to Flare. "Right. We need to split up. They've engaged Inquisitors outside. So you find the Jedi. I'll find the kid."

Flare regarded her as he listened in silence. "Right. Let's do this." as he turned and went through an open door, his next stop was the detention area. He lifted both of his sidearms as he methodically cleared each and every space he came across one at a time. Until he reached his destination.

"This is Shadow Lead," came Shana's voice over the Enclave's private comlink. "All focus to the Inquisitors. Extraction eta, 5 minutes. Inquisitors need to be incapacitated before our ride can land on the EZ. All rebels, rig the AT-AT to blow."

Tamoaa's voice came back. "Copy, wait one -" came the answer. "Negative, negative... That Star Destroyer is closing in too fast..." Tamoaa reported as if he was reading the evening news, without raising his voice in the slightest.

Medical Wing

"Medical wing," Flare paused. He frowned as he considered that this was a little too easy.

In her bacta tank, Elusiaa blinked as she looked up, she could almost hear her son's voice in her mind.

'Wake up, Mom!' came a thought.

Elusiaa blinked while awareness returned to her. She could sense that battle was being waged, she could also touch her husband who was nearby but she sensed that he was busy so she opted to search for her child, she sensed that he was close by as well, she mentally touched his mind with the force.

Elusiaa could feel her son reaching out back to her, his relief was so profound that it moved her to tears. 'I'm alright...' she thought.

'Come get me out mom!' came the insistent thought from Kray.

The Barabel Inquisitor sat in a chair of the prison's medbay and twirled Elusiaa's lightsaber hilt in his hand with boredom. The Third Sister told him to stay put and wait. He hadn't noticed Flare enter, though he should have. To be honest, his communicator was on the desk and as it did not go off, he was unaware of how bad things were for the Empire.

No Inquisitor had known or could have predicted this many Jedi assaulting an Imperial complex. So Eighteen sat, oblivious to the world. Because arrogance was one of the ugliest traits to cling to. And he was arrogant in thinking the Empire would prevail as they always have.

Flare did a quick sweep of the medical area, and he quickly determined that this Barabel was the only guy here, but before he could do anything, someone else intervened. Elusiaa gathered her force strength and with a loud but incoherent scream, she smashed the side of the tank, causing a small flood, she found herself lying on her back as she looked up at the ceiling.

Elusiaa pulled the rebreather off of her face before she decided she needed some clothing. She was wet, cold, and nude so she set about doing just that. A few moments later, she found something appropriate to her size, she then began doing her old garments which had been carelessly discarded.

Now fully dressed, and somewhat wet, Elusiaa went looking for her weapons, but trouble only found her as Eighteen somehow got the drop on her, as he swiftly grabbed her by the throat. Elusiaa grabbed her double lightsaber hilt from his belt before he threw her across the room.

Elusiaa landed on her feet, a rather evil grin on her face while she turned to face her enemy, she then gritted her death as she threw a force wave at him. He flew back and hit the far wall, except he was pinned there.

Elusiaa growled softly as she reached out in all directions with the force, the windspeed picked up, becoming hurricane-force as it began ripping shards of metal, transparasteal and anything that was not nailed down and she threw it all at him. She wanted him to feel what he had done to her but the wind had taken on a life of its own as anything that was fast enough began to smash its way through him and into the wall behind. Within moments the miniature hurricane dissipated as Elusiaa had quite literally turned him into a hulk of meat with thousands of shards of metal sticking out of the sides of it.

The Miralan female slowly moved over to the impaled corpse, if one could even call it that, she began pulling shards of metal out as she went looking for her gear, finding it all in short order. Elusiaa smiled as she activated her comlink. "Carlist?"

"Elusiaa... It's good to hear your voice, we have help coming for you..." as a Clone Trooper emerged from the shadows. "Dosh, gotta go!" as Elusiaa hung up and clipped the comlink to her belt while she ignited her blade.

"Stand down Jedi. I came to rescue you." Flare commented quietly. He took a moment to admire her handiwork of what was left of the Barabel. "Impressive," he added.

"Oh," Elusiaa answered, she closed down her blade after a moment. She let out a soft sigh.

"Come on Jedi. Let's get you out of here..." Flare commented, before he turned and withdrew, Elusiaa followed.

Kray's Prison Block

With BD-7 and Fix-It turning off the power, the surveillance systems, and other vital utilities of the prison complex, Shana had no problems getting around in her ninja-like attire. What little remaining troops in the building were scrambling to solve one tech issue after another. Shana would normally slice and dice her way through them, but they were officially on a time table now. So... This night, the bucket heads get to live.

Stealth as her ally, Shana, like Flare, went methodically through the building. Kray had been moved to the second floor so instead of risking a ride in the lifts, she chose a side staircase. It was here she felt it. The coldness. The contained rage.

"Shut the surveillance on the eastern wing, second floor," Shana spoke to Fix-It via her tech gauntlet. She pulled a mask over her face and unhooked her hilt from its D-ring.

After a few seconds, Fix-It hissed compliance and Shana went through the door. Instantly she was face-to-face with the slender Third Sister.

"Poodoo," Shana barely swore before the Third Sister lit and jabbed a single-hilt lightsaber aimed for Shana's waist.

Battle reflexes engaged, the Shadow was able to drop and slide past her advisory. Soon as Shana crossed past the other side of Three, she snap-lit her hilt and swung a repulsive Force wave at Three. Just enough force to push the Inquisitor back, cause a slight indention to the ceiling, and give Shana the opportunity to stand, expand her hilt for its pike-mode, and assume a defensive stance.

"Impressive... For a Jedi," Three remarked with an equally defensive stance and a cautious posture.

Shana had no time for an endurance challenge with this black-helmed bucket-lover. A small wave of her violet blade and the Shadow replied, "I'm not a Jedi."

"No... Not a common weapon. Not a common design," Three agreed, then tapped the unsheathed single-hilt still on her belt. "I prefer dual-wield, myself."

"Are we gonna trade compliments about our laser swords or are we gonna fight?" Shana snapped with impatience.

"I was about to ask the same," Three mock-laughed.

Damn timetables. Shana was not normally this impatient, but she had no choice. With gritted teeth, she sneered, "You wanna fight, let's fight."

Without further preamble, both darkly-clad figures began to clash their light-based weapons against the other. Red-on-violet elongated beams echoed in the narrow hallway along with grunts and growls from overpowered blocks and strikes. Anytime their weapons failed to connect or parry off each other, bright orange sparks erupted on the corridor walls. Shana's very aggressive jab-pullback-Force Repulse floor-tap patterns, and variations of them she made with her lightsaber pike, slowly pulled both women up the hallway toward the cellblock controls.

Try as the Third Inquisitor must to hold her ground, Shana's style and intensity forced the duel in any direction the Shadow wanted to go, and where she wanted to go, was the cellblock of Kray's. Shana had far more muscle than the Inquisitor, so using strength-based jabs most assuredly caused Three to be leery. Like a billiard pro with a pool stick, the redheaded woman knew exactly where to strike, and did so with lightning speed.

It was only when they were inches from the cellblock controls that Three stuck her heels in and really poured on the CQC Soresu was designed for. Now, the Inquisitor understood Shana's aggressive style and began to expertly parry and dodge anything the Shadow wanted to try on her.

"Only way you're getting past me," Three echoed, her vocorder making her sound older than she probably was. " to enter a cell of your own."

By The Force, Shana despised Ataru. Bad, really bad for long fights, as she could feel her body begin to drain itself of energy. But the quick strikes allowed her to press the advantage this far. Now? Shana was forced to switch it up and met this defensively-based dueling Inquisitor with a new set of sequences. Sequences she enacted to expedite the rescue and stay on-mission, on the timetable.

"Yep... That's not the only way past you," Shana spoke in defiance before she poked at Three a few more times.

Shana could not get Three's footing tripped at all. Where the Shadow moved, Three counter-moved. She was too smart for trivial dueling mistakes, so on to Plan B. The Shadow locked blades, winked playfully at the visor part of her adversary's helmet to confuse Three, then power-downed her weapon. Right as Three's confusion set-in, Shana disappeared into the ether with The Force.

"Where'd you go?" Three demanded, however, the tone of her voice gave the Inquisitor's emotion away. She was unnerved.

Three could not feel Shana at all in The Force and as a result, began waving her crimson blade about in wide arcs. It was as if the Inquisitor was guessing and hoping to nick her adversary with her weapon. For the next 30 seconds, Three continued this paranoid behavior unaccosted, all the while not realizing she was tiering herself and letting the trickster she was after, rest.

With the power off in the building, spotting someone coming out of a Force Cloak was much harder. Shana used her silent-walking skills and Breath Control with The Force to completely sneak up on Three with a savage roundhouse kick to the Inquisitor's back, right as she came out of the shadows. With full intensity and controlled anger coming through, Shana continued to exploit Three's destabilized condition with a kick to the Inquisitor's helmet, which sent the taller woman up the ramp into one of the cellblock corridors.

"Told you, you traitorous piece of poodoo..." Shana panted as she entered the red emergency-lit hall full of cells of people. "I'm not a Jedi."

Shana lit her pike with a snap-hiss once more, then easily transitioned into a defensive helo sequence of patterns with her weapon - protecting her body from Three's vicious strikes. She had successfully goaded the now-injured enemy into fighting Shana on her terms. Three nearly paid for it too, when the tip of Shana's violet blade grazed across the chin-part of Three's helmet.

As her green chin became exposed from the fallen pieces of her helmet, Three charged madly at Shana. Then it was as if an invisible force blocked all movement in her body. The halls of prisoners began to cheer as Shana had just successfully grabbed Three with The Force and dangled her in the air like a Jibber-Jabber doll. Bone-crunching sounds were heard, as well as pained shrieks from Three. Her right wrist had been crushed by The Force, to the point her curved, metal, and rubber-ribbed hilt hit the ground.

"Mercy! I beg you," a young adult female's voice begged, cried out in agony once more, and fought hard against the black dots taking over her vision.

"I'll give you credit, Sithspawn," Shana admitted with mild praise, "Your Soresu is phenomenal... Against those that came with me, you'd of likely ended them."

Three's screams of agony continued as Shana did not release the pressure on her opponent's wrist.

"...But they won't be below your standards for long," Shana continued with absolute cold rage in her tone. "We've crawled out the woodwork. We've finally answered the galaxy's call to action... Now it's time you and your lot face that which has trained millennia to kill you."

Shana tossed Three like a handmirror at the back wall of the hall with a sickening crunch. Three went unconscious. Shana released the Force hold but charged with all fury at Three - then stopped to the sound of a child's voice.

Kray looked up. "Mommy!" he shouted. "Help!" he added after a moment.

"Dosh," Shana sighed in frustration. She gave Three one last solid kick to the stomach before she turned and ran down the ramp to the voice. Once she saw the boy, Shana pulled her mask down and used her saber on the control panel to slice the cell open.

"I'm not your mom," Shana explained, took the shield off her back, and offered it to Kray. "But my friends and I are here to rescue her too - your dad's also with my friends. Name's Shana."

Kray blinked as he accepted her shield. "Okay..." he answered. "I can feel her pain..." the child admitted. "They... tortured her."

"I know... We're gonna help her get better, once we get you guys to safety." Shana opened a comlink in her gauntlet, "BD Battalion, unlock all cells. Open emergency armories. Time for these Imps to reap what they sow."

Fix-It chirped something that meant, Doshing time.

For the first time, there was a hint of irritation in the beeping and chirping of BD-7 as he acquiesced to her request - apparently, the task was easier said than done for a few of the cells, but it wasn't long before doors began to fly open.

Shana used to Force to call the fallen Inquisitor's curved hilt, then hooked it to her belt. She collapsed the pike hilt into lightsaber mode and then switched her gauntlet's comlink to the Rebels' battlenet. She placed the sound output to the speaker on her tech gauntlet.

"Shadow Leader to all assets. Targets are acquired. Exfil ETA 2 minutes. Mister Tamoaa, your kid's on the line with me, if you want to talk to him."

Tamoaa's voice came back. "Kray?" he commented. "I'm here... You can trust Shana... The one who's with you."

"Okay Dad. Will I see you soon?" Kray asked.

"As soon as we're extracted from this mess Son..." he answered. "Your mom is being rescued as well... Don't worry son, we're coming for you."

"Okay dad," Kray repeated himself. "Soon then..." he added.

"Don't worry Kray," Shana smiled as she held his free hand and eyed each corridor they walked by. "Place we're taking you and your family to live has nice folks, lots of kids, and a big gym to play in."

Kray looked at Shana, he was afraid of her and it showed. "Umm... Okay..." he answered quietly. "Can... we leave now?"

"Yes, we can," Shana agreed and left the battlenet on so Kray could hear his dad overwatch the siege outside.

At last, Flare and Elusiaa met Shana on the first floor, outside the tech room. Shana sliced it open using her tech gauntlet and laughed. Seemed the BD droids had run a few troopers ragged and electrocuted, unconscious on the floor.

"Fix-It, hop aboard Kray's shoulders. BD-7, you can travel with me. Seems you two earned your victory parade," Shana mused.

The purple and white droid was only too happy to comply, but first Fix-It jabbed one of the troopers, one last time in the side with his zapper for good measure. Then he hopped on Kray's shoulders and rooted happily around the boy's neck.

"Oh... Now you talk like a model protocol droid," Shana spoke, exasperated with her droid, while gently helping Illiana's droid get comfortable on her shoulder.

BD-7 clung to Shana, whistling a subtle thank you in her ear as he squirted a small stream of oil in the face of one of the fallen troopers before emitting something that could only be described as the droid version of a choice swear word.

"I love these droids," Shana chuckled as she led them out of the building...


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