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Outside, When the Walls Fell

Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 5:06pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH & Combat IG-100-B "Ton" & Knight Illiana Duran & Colonel CC-02-1002 (aka Flare) & Colonel Kayn Antares & Soldier Carlist Tamoaa
Edited on on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 8:14pm

Mission: A Call To Action
Location: Adamar, Mabyn City, Detention Center Compound
Timeline: MD04: After the Barracks Explosion, Concurrent with the Inner Complex Battle

Only for a moment, did the strike team watch the enemy AT-AT go up in a glorious fireball, as well as the open motor pool of AT-STs falling over. Metal shrapnel and the number of explosives going off knocked almost everyone in the area to their feet.

"Open fire on the barracks," Shana commed to Carlist while she scrambled to her feet and began to move to the woods, away from the motor pool. "All strike assets move to phase two. Prepare to expunge enemy forces."

Tamoaa shifted the AT-AT around as he routed more power to the guns. Since he was alone, he had to do everything by himself which slowed down his reaction times. "Going loud... Everyone down!" he called over the comlink as he proceeded to start shooting the main gun at the target in question. The blasts smashed into their targets, performing their task with gusto, blasting apart duracrete and metal with glee.

Jen began her elegant and graceful dance, slicing down stormtroopers one after another and deflecting shots back to their sources. She was quite creative how she used the force. One trooper had his energy cell eject out of his blaster before she sliced it in half. She then ignored the disarmed trooper and continued to clear the stockade of the garrison. Who were fatigued after a whole day of patrolling the planet and oppressing its people. She smiled at the last trooper that came out of one of the corridors and used the force to flip his helmet on backward. The trooper stumbled about the stockade running into walls until the first trooper she disarmed grabbed another blaster. He opened fire and she deflected one bolt into the trooper with the backwards helmet and another into the now remaining disarmed trooper. "You could have lived if you didn't go for a weapon. She waited until more garrison patrols came a running back to the base, one after another.

She spoke into a comlink. "Looks like we've kicked the hornet's nest real good." A speeder trooper came up to her and Jen held out her hand. Grabbing the speeder and letting the laws of physics send the trooper flying off his bike. She then smashed the bike into the trooper's partner. "Fifteen, sixteen..." She spoke in a low tone.

Elsewhere, with the signal given for the different assaults to begin, Illiana took a deep breath and composed herself – the next few minutes would be crucial to the mission at hand and if she failed, the resistance against the rest of the teams would increase significantly. She could not fail. She would not fail.

Using all her strength, and the will of the force, the Mirialan propelled herself into the air at such speed that the Stormtroopers in the Watchtower nest never saw her movement. They maintained their focus on the ground, where any assault was expected to come from which allowed her to land, with freedom, behind a large crate of supplies. Peering out from behind her cover, she counted four ‘troopers chatting freely, leaning on the ledge of the wall oblivious to the danger around them.

With an almost sinister smile on her face, the young Jedi crept out from behind the crate and took her position behind the four armor-clad soldiers. Unclipping the glistening hilt of her ‘saber from her waistband, spinning it in her right hand until she slipped into her comfortable stance of readiness and activated the blade. The almost therapeutic hum of the weapon caused the ‘troopers to stand bolt upright and slowly turn around in their spots until they caught sight of their assailant.

“Hey fellas,” the Mirialan greeted them.

Two of the ‘troopers dropped their blasters in quick order; a third stood in silence, clinging to his blaster and literally quaked in his boots whilst the final ‘trooper slowly raised his hands in surrender.

It was clear from their actions, that the ‘troopers were somewhat shocked by the presence of the young Jedi, and in truth, that was probably to be expected – none of them could have possibly expected to be face to face with a Jedi when they were sat shooting the breeze over breakfast earlier that morning. Yet here they were, face to face with the robbed warrior and she was somewhat disappointed – no blaster fire to deflect, no hand to hand combat. Instead, with a push of her left hand, the youngster knocked the four men to the ground and rendered them unconscious with great ease. A flick of the switch later and her lightsaber was deactivated and back on her belt as she turned to the E-WEB blaster on its rotary stand. Then her gaze traveled across to the other Watchtower’s, where there was relatively little activity, which meant that she was able to move on to the next part of her task with ease. Getting behind the controls of the heavy blaster, Illiana turned the weapon around to face the furthest nest and opened fire.

An explosion erupted as the gun, and the ‘troopers, went up in flames. Before she could open fire on any of the other nests, bolts of crimson blaster fire began to fly in her direction, with some of them hitting the E-WEB she was behind. Sensing impending danger, Illiana unholstered her lightsaber once again, and, with it gripped firmly in her hand, she sprinted for the edge of the tower. A few steps further on to the ledge and the woman was hurtling through the air, the ‘troopers opening fire on her but unable to get her into their sights as she started to fall back to earth. As she closed in on her new targets, the Jedi activated her lightsaber and the cyan-colored blade was impaled into the face of one of the Stormtroopers helmets as she made landfall. Pulling the blade out, the youngster was swiftly into a defensive stance, deflecting blaster bolts in multiple directions until the troopers in the nest were collapsed in a heap with blaster holes in their armor plating and a smoldering heavy blaster.

One final nest awaited, and the weapons fire intensified as the ‘troopers turned the E-WEB on the young Jedi. In a whirr of light, the blade of her lightsaber crackled over and over as she tried to hold her ground. The force of the power from the E-WEB was beginning to destabilize her and force her backwards. She was gritting her teeth, struggling to keep her footing, and she could sense a rising anger building inside of her until, almost out of nowhere, she let out a primal scream. In doing so, and to her surprise, the woman launched her lightsaber across the vast distance to the next nest. It flew at speed, rotating as it went, slicing the four troopers in the chests and boomeranging back into her hand. She glared down at the vibrating blade, her heart racing as she considered what had just occurred, but she could not stay there for long. With smoke billowing from the destroyed E-WEBs, her position would soon be given away, so she had no choice but to move on.

Waving her hand in front of the nearby control panel on the outside of the lift, the Jedi called the transportation to her location. Upon its arrival, she stepped inside, the doors closed and she disappeared into the depths of the facility.

"All assets," Shana spoke over their private battlenet. "Mister Tamoaa will call the shots until my team rejoins you. Mister Tamoaa? Try not to lose the AT-AT. That's the best asset we have with the best view of the battlefield. My team's headed into the facility. Shadow Lead out."

A voice came back via the battlenet. "Confirmed." Tamoaa's voice.

As Spade, out of sight, cut the power to the barracks, the team moved forward. "Copy. We're clearing your six. Havoc Actual out." Kayn Antares thought better of mixing sentiment, but the last thing a Jedi needed was luck, let alone someone wishing it. He signaled the men forward with quick, short gestures. In seconds, breach charges were placed. Adjusting his commlink to the narrow frequency for his droid, he whispered, "Spade, double-time it." A squawk of acknowledgment.

He stood clear as the charges blew, and tossed in a flak grenade. The remaining men of his cell moved in quickly, and bright red streaks of blaster fire crisscrossed in the darkness. They made quick work of the troops. He rushed in by the dim emergency lights, saw the small probe droid of his, and tilted his head up. The droid's eye spun, and it ascended into the ducts on the ceiling. "Take positions, cover fire for the Gener--" this wasn't the same war, "--the Jedi." He could back up Shadow more directly, and faster if he moved alone.

What appeared to be a hover APC entered the base and moved to Havoc's location. A young woman lept onto the vehicle as it neared Havoc's location. She focused and her lightsaber left her hand and plunged into the APC. On its own, it began to cut around the vehicle's body like carving a Nerf Roast in half and she caught it as it came around the other side. Havok could see the APC come apart as it neared them and crash into random places on the base. Jen landed in front of Havoc and continued to dance as the APC's survivors climbed out and attempted to put up a fight. Kayn knew this kind of graceful version of Soresu.

Carlist Tamoaa did not worry too much, his opposition was quite light and he was handling a walker alone so he was going to take damage no matter what he did. He regarded the display of the battlefield before him, as a large garage opened its doors nearby and let out two AT-ST walkers. They were smaller, more lightly armed, and faster than his AT-AT walker. He knew he could kill one of them with his rockets and maybe get the second with his guns. He smiled as he went about doing just that. One of the smaller walkers vanished in a truly impressive explosion and the second fell to a hail; of blaster bolts.

Ton's E-22 double-barrel rifles almost constantly fired. Now that the barracks had been taken care of, he now focused on taking care of the hundred-or-so troopers that charged at them from the direction of the detention center's main gate. Then, as he mowed down the Imps, he noticed the lights around the detention center go dark.

Whatever his mistress was up to, Ton knew it was his time to draw fire and keep the Imps from focusing on the prison.

"Meatsponge Killcount: 15... 18..." Ton said as various troopers tried to gun him down. Only, they found their great aim ineffective as shards of red bolts bounced off his plating. "Exclamation: Diiiiie Imp scum!!!!"

Spiritedly, he began to charge them, pulled his second E-22 double-barrel rifle from its holster, and went nuts with his trigger digits.

The familiar form of the lightsaber arcing from Jedi before Kayn teased at the back of his mind, but the time for thought wasn't his to waste. He nodded a thanks at the woman, positioning outside the barracks to survey the field. Things were heating up. Troops spilling from the detention center, walkers dropping, and a familiar repulsor sound hummed in the distance. He turned to look, and the color flushed from his face. "Kriff," he muttered, as the skies shimmered with the shape of incoming troop transports.

Antares scanned the field again, quickly this time, spotted an E-Web in running distance, and sprinted at full speed, thankful for the distraction provided by the droid currently cutting down 'troopers left and right, nearly launching onto the platform as his hands traced over the controls. "Come on, come on, you remember the training manuals." His fingers found the safety lock and disengaged it, and the platform rotated for him. He aimed for the incoming transports, firing one, then two, shots. Both went wide as the transports jockeyed and dipped low, evading him. They turned fast, but not as fast as the Republic gunships from the war. He tracked the shot, held his breath, and fired again. This one nailed the noseplate, and sent the transport diving headfirst into the side of the detention center.

The other veered out of his sights, and he brought the cannon about to seek out new targets.

Tamoaa noticed the gunship with his sights, it just so happened to pass before him when he passed the triggers, sending a hail of blasterfire and rockets at the gunship, turning it into a very expensive fireball, as it fell out of the sky, starting several small fires. he turned his attention back to hunting for his quarry. the remaining AT-AT's were nearby and he needed to find them before they found him.

"25, 26, 27...." Jen continued to dispatch troopers as they arrived. "Hey Ton." Jen smirked at Ton. "Inquisitors are with ten right?"

Right as Ton was about to answer, he turned his cranial module toward the small road from the city. His receptors zoomed in to see three hover APUs. A figure in black stood atop each of the vehicles and all of them brandished red lightsabers.

"Educated Guess: I believe we are about to see what their worth is."

Jen felt the urge to start running when she noticed one of the APU's veer towards her. But this time, this time she had allies at her side. She controlled her fear and stared at him. This time it was different. These things were used to Jedi running, she was not. "No... not this time..." She said to herself. "Not this time." She said louder.

"Do you hear me you karks!! I'm not running anymore!!!! This time it will be you that will run!!!!!" She screamed as she charged the Inquisitor and leapt towards one of them while he rode in on the APU. Her blade clashed with the Inquisitor as a ferocious lightsaber battle erupted on the APU. She began an intense and whirling duel using Soresu first to clash with the Inquisitor on top of the APU.

They didn't expect this, normally Jedi ran when they appeared. Now one of them had attacked them. They weren't dealing with one Jedi but many.

"YOU WILL NEVER HUNT ME AGAIN!!!" She shouted at the Inquisitor and engaged him again. Focused on destroying at least one of the terrors that had hunted her for six years. This time he was fighting back hard.

Appearing at an upper alcove, Illiana had made her way through the complex, skulking in shadows and avoiding large squads of troopers so that she could make contact with the team and carry out their objective. But, glancing down at the new field of battle, it appeared that Jen and co-had deviated from the original plan and she had engaged the Inquisitors without her. Part of the young Mirialan's mind suggested she leave her fellow young Jedi to it, and teach her a valuable lesson about sticking to the plan at hand, but that would probably have resulted in Jen's death. It was then she spotted another of the Inquisitorious team, engaged in battle just a dozen yards or so from the young Jedi. If she changed tack and diverted towards Jen, that would be it for her young friend. No, she would have to intervene now and lend her assistance, but she made a mental note to talk with her new colleague about her recklessness later - if they survived to tell the tale anyway.

Pulling the lightsaber hilt from her belt once more, she ignited the cyan-coloured blade and launched herself into the air at great height and speed. When she eventually landed, she was in a perfect stance of Soresu readiness behind the female Inquisitor. "Hello there," she smiled as she announced her arrival to the Inquisitor. "Always two, there are. You should know this better than anyone," she sounded almost cocky as she chided her Dark-side foe.

"You may look the part," the Inquisitor hissed at the Mirialan, "but I sense much fear in you. You're no Jedi," she smirked as she ignited her own lightsaber again, the two pronged weapon spinning around the hilt as she noted the look in the young warrior's eyes.

"We'll see about that," Illiana smiled, almost sadistically, as she swung her lightsaber round into a better posture for launching her attack. She strode forth and began to exchange fierce lightsaber strikes with the pasty looking enemy, who was somewhat surprised by the move of the Jedi. But, Illiana was soon on the back foot as her inexperience in duelling began to show. As much as he wanted to strike first, she was forced to defend and defend. Despite her inexperience, the Jedi remained calm, centered as she parried and blocked strike after strike from her enemy.

"A master of Soresu," the Inquisitor smiled, but less out of appreciation for her foes mastery of the defensive form, but out of mockery. "No match for Makashi," she professed as she charged forward at Illiana.

"Maybe not," the Jedi responded between blows, "but you'll find we Jedi are full of surprises..." she grinned before instantly shifting her entire stance, starting at her feet and up through her body, catching her opponent off guard. Instead of sitting back, defending, the youngster was now on the attack. She summoned all of her brute strength, utilizing wide, powerful strikes and parries as their blades clashed and, for now, the Inquisitor found herself on the back foot. Powerful attack after powerful attack came from Illiana, the switch to her little used Djem So form giving her the edge long enough to knock her opponent back, throwing her off balance long enough to leave her vulnerable to one final round of strikes and powerful blows. With a swift deflection of blades, Illiana swung her blade in a full 360 arc until it came up and under the Inquisitor's chin, cutting the woman's masked face, and sending her reeling enough that another swing of the blade saw the woman sliced from her left hip up and towards her right shoulder.

It wasn't enough to slice her foe in half, but it was enough for Illiana to take the briefest of seconds to summon all the power of the force and, in one swift hand movement, she propelled her wounded foe at great speed, through the air, until she smashed against the wall of the building. Collapsed in a heap, humbled, defeated and unconscious, her foe had been vanquished - for now. Illiana had won the day, taking just enough time to gather herself before she received a call on her wrist comm.

"This is Shadow Lead," came Shana's voice over the Enclave's private comlink. "All focus to the Inquisitors. Extraction eta, 5 minutes. Inquisitors need to be incapacitated before our ride can land on the EZ. All rebels, rig the AT-AT to blow."

Ton, happy to have been given a green light to kill the Inquisitors, jumped on the other APU with his training sabers, only he flipped a few switches to turn the yellow blades to purple. Instantly he set his servo actuators and hydraulic suspensions into overdrive, as well as his sensors and processors into overclock. For he instantly went into Murder-Mode Droid's Ataru on his quarry.

"Happy Taunt: Come at me, Meatsponge," the gold-plated Magna responded to his target, tossed his left blade at the turret behind his opponent, and slid under his opponent's mid-slash. He kicked the Inquisitor in the small their back before Ton's target fell forward. The sheer speed of the attack left this villain with a violet blade run through his back. Dead only a moment after hitting the deck.

Jen continued to engage the inquisitor, pushing him back towards one of the ruins of the ITT's in the stockade. He jumped attempting not to be trapped by the woman. He couldn't penetrate her defense. Jen performed a makashi flourish and stared at him. "You are a tool, Inquisitor. It's sad. This time you haven't outnumbered me."

The Inquisitor held up his lightsaber and it began spinning. "That lightsaber is such a gimmick, they give it to you to make up for your lack of skill however." Jen grabbed a crate with the force and sent it towards the inquisitor's back. The inquisitor flipped his blade to the back to defend, that gave. Jen an opening, now that his front was undefended, she pushed forward towards his chest. He'd be forced to switch his gimmick around to the front, and the thing about Makashi users, is she predicted where the blade would be when he did that. Her lightsaber sliced the emitter track and cut it off. The emitters fell off the blade's track and all that was left was a useless hilt.

"A tool is expendable. You were never meant to become powerful, Inquisitor. Just... only a means to an end. Leave this place, Inquisitor. Do not report back to your masters. The Empire does not forgive failure."

The inquisitor seethed with anger and tried drawing the lightsaber from the inquisitor Ton had fallen. He felt Jen's lightsaber in his chest before the blade reached his hand. "So predictable..." Jen noted as she heard Shana's message over her headset. "JA-CA, get over here, five minutes!"

At the Tharanta, JA-CA ran into the ship and began to power it up. "On my way, Mistress Varris."

Meanwhile, Tamoaa noted the locations of the transports that were coming in, to drop off their troops. Some were on to Carlist and others weren't. The second he fired the first salvo of missiles would out him once and for all. He smiled as the AT-AT that he had been hunting suddenly came into view, he took quick aim and then he blasted its neck with his rockets, followed up with a salvo of blasterfire, he then turned his attention to the transports, as he proceeded to blast one of them with blasterfire, while he targeted the second with his rockets, turning it into a molten orange fireball which fell out of the skies.

Tamoaa smiled as he resumed his one-man rampage while he checked the sensor display before him, when suddenly a lot of red blips entered the range finders display. "Tamoaa to ground teams, we got more enemy reinforcements incoming... Including what looks like a Star Destroyer..."


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