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Preparations and Infiltrations

Posted on Mon Sep 7th, 2020 @ 9:53pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH & Combat IG-100-B "Ton" & Voice of the Whills Entity Aurek & Knight Illiana Duran & Colonel CC-02-1002 (aka Flare) & Soldier Carlist Tamoaa
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Mission: A Call To Action
Location: Adamar, Mabyn City, Detention Center Compound
Timeline: MD04: Early Nighttime

Harsh, derogative hushed blaps and bleeps hissed in Shana's right ear. The one that didn't have her tactical comm earpiece on. She nudged the annoyed BD droid that rest on her right shoulder.

"Quiet. You'll give us away," she whispered to her companion.

They and Jen'axandra were safely hidden in the foliage, on a high branch where they awaited their AT-AT to get close to on its next pass around the building. The Jedi Illiana was also in the foliage but on the ground. She could not climb any of the drum towers to the detention center's outwalls until this was done.

Funny enough, with Shana's black-hooded long-sleeve shirt, tactical pads on her shins and elbows. and the black cargo pants she wore, she looked more like an Inquisitor than the good guys.

"Strike team sound-off," Shana whispered into her mic after she tapped the talk function to open, on her ear/headpiece. All the while, she watched the AT-AT lurch closer to Jen and her's branch.

"Varris here." She waited with Carlist and drew what appeared to be an old clone commando combat knife.

"Tam here." Tamoaa commented via the comlink on his collar.

"Statement: Ton is accounted for," the modified IG-100 spoke from a thicket close to the barracks.

"This is JA-CA. Checking in. I have the Tharanta secured in a slot canyon not far from your location, and I have everything shut down." The Droid noted. "I'm going to go radio silent now. Shoot off a flare when you need me, and I'll be there in two shakes."

A short distance away, a figure was crouched among the shrubbery and trees near the compound wall. For the first time in a very long time, Illiana was back in the comfort of her Jedi robes - it probably had something to do with the fact that she once again felt like a Jedi. Hooded and cloaked, she hid and awaited her moment. Lifting her wrist, she spoke into the commlink. "Duran in position," she reported.

AT-AT Infiltration

When the walker was close enough, Jen ran across the limb with force speed and lept off the limb onto the walker's back. She flipped around on the walker's back and fired her grappling gun to a higher tree branch for Carlist to just slide down the cable onto the walker's back. He had to hurry before her grappler ran out of cable.

Carlist almost did a swan dive out of the tree as he caught the wire with his hands, he slid down in silence before landing next to the Jedi on the walkers back. "Okay, I'm good."

Jen kept cover and moved across the walker's spine, crouched to avoid being sighted. She reached the walker's aft turret. The turret was usually manned when the walker was in combat, even for Patrols, but they got lucky, the trooper was probably in the walker sleeping on duty. Furthermore, the hatch to the turret could be locked from the inside, but that was no problem for Jen. She waved her hand, manipulating the controls on the other side and opened the hatch. Jen climbed down into the walker's interior. "Walker infiltration successful. I and Carlist will wait until the crew disembarks to seize the cockpit."

Shana just shook her head at Jen. Bringing Carlist before they had done their job, was a silly mistake. "You go ahead and wait," the Shadow replied in her comms unit, "I'm going in the way we planned."

With the Force, Shana lept to the crown of the walker, with her BD droid clutched to her shoulder. She landed manka cat-like and continued moving forward. "You two clear the walker of its guests. I'm going for the cockpit."

Jen entered the aft compartment and instantly pulled out a WESTAR-34 and put some blaster shots into all the trooper's heads. "Aft Compartment clear." She replied as she moved towards the Cockpit.

Carlist stood in silence, he had not even drawn his blaster, he simply shrugged as he opted to not move and simply wait. To him, this was all a means to an end.

Shana closed her eyes for a few seconds to clear her mind. While Ren as able to perform this trick effortlessly, Shana still had to pause and completely focus out of fear of dying inside of walls. Right before she began to phase her body and fall through the metal plating of the walker, she grabbed BD into her chest and phased him along with her.

The result was almost as she'd expected. She and Fix-It resolidified on the deck below them and landed in the cockpit unexpectantly with two pilots startled. Before they radio for help, she'd already called her shield to her. With a sickening squelching sound, her circular disk was Force-thrown into and past the pilots' necks. Each pilot still had their bulky-white helmets on their severed heads when they hit the floor.

"Cockpit secured," Shana commed with Fix-It chirping out all sorts of explicit words from her action just then. She ignored him and yanked her bloody shield from the co-pilot's side window. It had gotten slightly stuck in the frame.

Carlist smiled as he moved forward into the cockpit. "Lovely... Do you do work as an interior decorator on the side?" he inquired. "I want one of those helmets as a souvenir please..."

Nonchalant, Shana holstered her shield, bent down, and picked up the pilot's helmet. She shook it violently until the head fell out, then passed the bucket to him. "Well... we know not all of these Imps are clones."

Carlist accepted the helmet in silence. "It makes no difference to me..." he answered her in a soft tone. "Alright..." as he proceeded to haul the dead remnants of the body of the trooper out of the pilot's seat, he then tossed the body somewhere where it was not in the way and then he sat down in the driver's chair. "Alright, point the loud end at the enemy... and stay out of my way..."

"Just pilot casually around the outer wall," Shana smiled at his response and held her hand out for Fix-It to crawl back up to her shoulder. "You want to help me and Flare's team with the explosives, Jen? Or are you going to meet up with Ton?"

Jen was silent for a moment, feeling for the inquisitors. She closed her eyes. She suddenly opened them and drew her lightsaber, keeping it deactivated. "They'll sense an attack soon. If they haven't already." She opened the trooper drop hatch. "I'll make sure they don't double-team your droid." Jen prepared a repelling harness and suddenly vanished from sight.

Watchtower Pre-Assault

Elsewhere, it was time – the speed at which her heart was racing told her it was - for Duran's mission to commence. For the first time in six years, Illiana Duran was a Jedi again, and not only was she a Jedi, but she was one with a purpose, a mission. Her mission was simple; ascend the tower, take out the waiting Troopers and set the cannon upon the other towers. Easy.

Lowering the hood of her traditional Jedi robes, which she had longed to wear for so long but had avoided for safety reasons, the young Mirialan looked up at the tower which, literally, towered above her. Even with her advanced abilities and the power of the force at her side, it was highly unlikely that she would be able to propel herself such a height, but she did have a backup plan; a pair of climbing gloves with claw-like grips that would enable her to cling onto the wall and ascend it as safely as she could, once she had jumped as far as she could.

With her lightsaber hooked onto the belt around her waist, her blaster nowhere to be seen for once, she was ready. Crouching down as low as she could, she closed her eyes and slowed her breathing, composing herself until the moment came. When it did, she propelled herself at great speed, high into the air and towards the wall of the watchtower until she made contact, the claws of her climbing gloves giving her the added sense of security and the belief she wouldn’t fall. Once steady, she began the rest of the ascent to the top of the tower, her leap of faith has taken her a large portion of the way. Her robes swung in the wind as she climbed, almost zigzagging her way up the wall as she searched for the best areas of grip. As she approached the top of the tower, she could make out the faint sound of voices and a humming sound, probably attributed to the Stormtroopers and E-WEB heavy blaster she expected to beat the summit.

Reaching the ledge at the top of the tower, the Jedi now had nothing to do but wait. If she peered over the top, if she climbed over if she so much as breathed at the wrong time now, she would give her position away and her task would be for nought – she just hoped the cue to attack would come soon – she could cling on for a while, but not forever…

AT-ST: Demo Team

By the time Shana managed to stealth her way around the compound and across the road toward the barracks compound, Flare's team was already doing much of the work. Shana removed from her utility belt, two thermal detonators, and began to help rig the three rows of AT-STs. There were 3 of the small walkers still out, given the missing slots.

"We're 2 minutes," Shana commed into her mic for the entire strike team. She looked to Flare, happy to have him on this mission. He'd just arrived from a supply run before the team departed. Now, he was part of a new mission.

"What's your status, Flare?" Shana commed in a quiet tone, then dodge out of the way of a spotlight.

Flare's voice came back. "I'm in position. Ready to roll..."

"When that second walker comes into view, you're free to fire," Shana whispered to Carlist, over the battle comlink, then rushed with Flare toward the wooded treeline. They needed to be ready for phase 2.

Tamoaa slowly grinned. "Copy that," he answered as he drove the walker forward towards its rendezvous with the second walker. He figured out how to power up the guns as he watched the second walker emerge, then he pulled the triggers, sending a series of blaster bolts at his target, the bolts all impacted with a series of staccato explosions, he smiled as he watched the second set of bolts smash into the neck of the walker. Suddenly its head exploded, its ruins dropped towards the ground in silence as the walker fell over, letting out a massive banging sound as it did so.

"Maybe next time... I'll just knock..." Tamoaa commented quietly.


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