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Regroup, and Rethink

Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 @ 3:47pm by Combat IG-100-B "Ton" & Mystic Ren Star-Gen-Su & Youngling Jaessa Wood & Knight Elusiaa Tamoaa & Major Vepel Ru & Knight Dek Triziss & Mercenary Yuka Navani & Mercenary Halidax Vizsla

Mission: Secrets, Survival, and Safety
Location: The ROC Military Hangar, Haven
Timeline: MD07, 13 BBY - Midday

Most of the senior-ish officials of Haven had gathered in the hangar in anticipation of Elusiaa's group returning. The past twelve hours had the base on high alert with reports of some stray shadowcats getting inside the compound. The smallest younglings were mostly scared and many of the adults that had been trying to fight off these attacks, were ragged from little sleep since the initial skirmish in the forest with Master Velurh's team.

On top of that, another rebel transport had dropped off yet another Purge survivor in the Corellian freighter next to Elusiaa's gunship. What a mess indeed, to be dragged into. Yet Ton was eager to get back out there and kill more of these cat-like creatures.

"Query: Did you encounter any hostile attacks while on your expedition, Mistress Elusiaa," Ton asked once her group has begun to unload their gunship.

Elusiaa stepped off the gunship and almost ended falling flat on her face. Kray turned to his mother as he began helping her up to her feet. "Come on mom..." he growled softly as Eluisaa mentally woke herself up. She then hauled herself back to her feet. Before the middle-aged Miralan female turned to the droid. "Mmm..." she paused. "No... We didn't see any but we did hear them..."

Kray seemed overjoyed that he had managed to get his mother back onto her feet. When he suddenly yawned. It had been a long and sleepless night for him and for his mother.

Jaessa was relieved to have reached base in one piece, she was exhausted from using her powers to force shadowcats away from her and the others quite a bit. She kept wondering to herself what had made the animals attack them and the dead patrol members.

Dek stood off a little ways to check his gear. He knew everything was there, but in his mind, it never hurt to check. One thing he did do was reach into his bag and clip his saber to his belt. It was as if by reflex. He walked up. "Hostiles?" he thought to himself.

Elusiaa blinked as she mentally cleaned the cobwebs from her eyes as she looked closer at Ton. "What in the name of the Force... happened to you?"

Ton tried to act as if the dents in his armor and crooked left-side photoreceptor were perfectly normal with a shrug. "Statement: It is natural for combat droids to attain wear and tear." Then Ton turned to Dek, "The shadowcats of Haven can be quite deadly, but have no fear Meatspongue. I assure you I can prevail."

Dek nodded. " I have no doubt," he said.

Jaessa having gained a whole new level of admiration for Ton looked at Dek "Without Ton we might not be here now," she told Dek adamant that Ton was the key to their survival.

Dek nodded. The Nautolan turned to Ton and nodded as if to say that he had confidence in the droid.

Ren looked at the new arrival with cautious eyes, then to Elusiaa, "I believe you have a new resident... Interesting times, to arrive in the middle of a dispute with the wildlife."

Elusiaa regarded Ren. She looked exhausted as she suddenly let out a loud yawn, almost uncontrollably. "Kray." she turned to the small boy beside what was clearly, his mother. "Go find your father and tell him I need him in the hanger as-" was as far as she got before a male voice called across the hanger as Carlist Tamoaa approached. He approached the small gathering as he moved speedily to his wife's side. "Elusiaa... I heard what happened..." and with that, he gently hugged his wife. "Is everyone alright?" he asked of the gathering present before he noticed the new arrival. "Welcome to Haven. You picked a rather strange time to show up... but I can show you around if you are up for it..."

"Thank you." Dek smiled. "That sounds wonderful. " he added. "And let me introduce myself. My name is Dek."

Ren melded into the environment subtly while Ton seemed perfectly happy to be the puffer pig of the room. "Salutations: I am IG-100 Ton, Mister Dek. My primary mandate is to protect the younglings of the Enclave. Which, currently, has become a bit difficult given the rather savage disposition Haven's shadowcats have taken to our inhabitants."

Yuka walked up to the group, knowing exactly what happened thanks to the data provided by her commando droids. "Ton... you... This is your fault you trigger happy maniac." She then heard just how badly his joints were damaged. "Oh and by the way, your left arm is about to fall off."

"Deflection: It is a minor dislocation of the left ball joint. I am fine. No need to worry," Ton assured as he miserably tried to be subtle about holding his left arm in place. "I believe we need to focus more on a strategy for dealing with these creatures."

Yuka gave him a very dubious look and replied with a hint of playfulness, "Ton, you forget... I have far better hearing than normal beings, I can hear how bad your joints are."

Jaessa looked at the droid. "You seriously need to go and get that fixed Ton, we need you at full operational status and a busted shoulder is not ideal," she told the droid.

"Statement of Denial: I have no idea what you are talking about. I am perfectly functional." Ton stopped the moment his right digits lost their grasp when his arm fell to the ground. He looked down at the limb and replied, "A minor concern."

Yuka shook her head in disbelief, "Yeah a minor concern. While I am tempted to leave you a mess, your at least marginally more useful than the B-1's. Come to my workshop and I'll fix you up, I know CIS droids quite well."

"Correction: My logistical and targeting routines alone make me 210% more effective than B-1 battledroids." He then turned to Major Vepel and Elusiaa. "As the current ranking members of the Enclave, what are we to do about the attacking creatures?"

Vepel, who had been typing away at a datapad for the duration of the meeting so far, looked up, his attention drawn to the voice of Ton. Unlike organics, he couldn't see Ton at all through the Force, so it was always slightly unsettling whenever the large droid spoke, or approached.

"Well, as I'm sure most of us would agree, sending out parties to hunt and kill the cats is entirely reprehensible, albeit extremely efficient. I believe we can eliminate our feline problem with the help of these," as he spoke, he pressed a button on the datapad which displayed a holographic image of a tall metal rod, with a device attached to the top. "Transmission beacons, placed all around the Enclave and perhaps further from it, which emit a sound that only the shadowcats can hear. This sound, whilst inaudible to us, would be extremely annoying and painful for the cats, forcing them to withdraw as we set down more and more of the beacons. Eventually, if everything goes to plan, there will be a strong perimeter of these beacons around the Enclave, protecting us from the cats."

Ton used his good arm to point to Yuka. "Fact: The hairy species of the enclave hear on spectrums humans are incapable. It is logical to assume that these devices would deafen them. So I volunteer to go back out and rid the base of those vermin!"

The golden manga droid picked up the leaking arm on the ground and raised it with his right hand in excitement.

Yuka sighed in annoyance, "I hate to say it, but the walking trash bucket is right. Me and my crew will be affected by those transmitters, as will any wookies we have on the enclave." She then turned her attention to Ton, "That being said, you going out and murdering them all isn't a practical solution either, not especially when your other arm is about to fall off too."

Vepel rubbed his chin, thinking. "Exterminating them like vermin isn't practical, and we can't use the beacons without affecting our own....perhaps we could relocate the larger packs of cats? No...that would be a waste of time and resources. They'd just come back." He looked around the room, lingering on the force users longer than the others, a new thought emerging. "Perhaps there's still a way to solve our problem without harming the cats. I don't know much about the Force, but if, let's say, half a dozen Jedi and Shadows combine their powers do you say..."connect" with the cats, we could convince the packs to leave the areas surrounding the Enclave? Alter the consciousnesses of the pack leaders, telling them to leave the Enclave, and the other cats will follow." He turned to Elusiaa. "Is that possible, Master Tamoaa?"

Elusiaa regarded the Major with a gentle smile as she considered it. "I am something of a novice with animal empathy... You'll be wanting to see Master Star-Gen-Su for a better answer." she paused as she took a moment to yawn. "It could be done..." but she sounded unsure of herself.

The older Alamaran woman walked up to Ton, gave him a smile, then pat him on the back. Only, Ton fell hard to the ground from having been powered down by the sly woman.

"Your techs should be able to fix him, Miss Yuka," Ren laughed lightly, then turned to the others. "Teaching and mastering empathy for animals is not easy and dangerous. We will need a few armed people in case some of the Jedi fail the first few attempts."

"I wonder why the cats are attacking the enclave? If we find out who or what caused these attacks perhaps they will stop," Jaessa said throwing in her ten cents worth.

Yuka walked over to the collapsed ton, ordering the two B-1's next to her, "Pick that up, and Drag it to my workshop."

The B-1s struggled to pick up the heavy Ton. They could only manage to pick up the droids feet and drag its powered down body slowly.

"Why is this thing so Heaavvyy, " One of the B-1's complained as it struggled to drag ton.

Yuka then turned her attention to Jaessa, "Oh I know the cause. It was that trigger-happy maniac shooting the cats up."

Jaessa looked at Yuka. "I don't think so, they were enraged before Ton opened fire, they killed a patrol, something or someone else is behind these attacks," she said.

Ren looked to Dek, Velurh, Aera, Jaessa, and then Elusiaa. "Showing empathy in the Force isn't just about pacifying creatures. It goes beyond. More so with naturally aggressive predators. So, if you Jedi wish to learn, I shall teach... But you may not like my methods and I may need to borrow the Mandalorian to prepare for said lesson."

Dek just nodded as he remembered something his master taught him, although he couldn't remember the quote exactly. "I'm willing to learn," he said. "After all. Those you stop learning, never grow."

A devious, playful smile formed upon the Force mystic. "Excellent," she smiled before she left the hangar with the mando in tow.


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