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Uneasy Alliance

Posted on Thu Jan 7th, 2021 @ 7:17pm by Combat AP-5 "Slob" SL-08 & Master Jada Knun Vargalon & Padawan Zyla Raindancer & Lieutenant Aukil Secra

Mission: Secrets, Survival, and Safety
Location: Starblossom
Timeline: MD05, 13BBY

Aukil set course for them and now had a couple of hours before having to make her first jump to get to Nar Shaddaa. It would take a few days to make it to Nar Shaddaa and things were already tense. They were allies, that was it, at this point. She had already set a tone of mistrust with her rule of everyone wearing gloves, not that she didn't trust them, as she stated, it was for their safety she not have any incidents while in space or in potentially enemy territory. She really didn't want to leave the peace of her cockpit and deal with her passengers, especially that one who threatened to break protocols and read her mind. You simply didn't do things like that to allies, you didn't even threaten it. However, she knew ways to keep people from her mind, tricks taught to her by those hiding from the Empire and their force ability seeking forces. So she took a few minutes to protect her mind and then took a cleansing breath and left her cockpit, locking it behind her.

She stepped into the common area and saw everyone sitting there, in the awkward silence of newly introduced allies who didn't know anything else about each other and weren't even sure they wanted to. "The galley is considered common areas, as is the medical bay. Please just remember to use gloves. Safety first and I don't need to have any fits in space or in dangerous territory. I hope you will understand if I don't spend a lot of time socializing, I have come to value my alone time. But I am not cold or distant and don't mind having conversations." She nodded to the galley and the medical bay when she said their names. Then waited to see what they would do.

There was some meditating that Jada had done after he'd seen what happened between the two. After that came back to the common area. Giving a glance to the galley. "If you should like, I can see what you have in there and I can cook something."

Slob stood, as he most often did, by the sitting lounge. His observations were rarely asked of, given his penchant for being precise and blunt. At the mention of food, Slob tilted his head and nodded, "Are there any dietary needs that should be addressed?"

Zyla sat in a chair with her leg crossed over the other. She wore tight brown leather pants, a tan blouse, and a leather jacket to match the pants. She was working a file across her fingernails when the Twilek had entered the room and hadn't looked up.

"I can eat whatever I have to," she said curtly, thinking of all the slop she'd had to consumed since Order 66. "And don't worry, I haven't touched anything but my nail file."

Zyla looked to the gloves placed neatly on the table in front of her.

"Is it alright with you, Captain that I see what you have in the stores and that I can cook for us? It's going to be a couple of days we have to spend together. We might as well start somewhere. See if talking also may ensue to get to know each other." Jada gave a look to Aukil.

Giving a cold glance at Zyla with her normally warm goldenrod colored eyes, she then looked at Jada and her look softened. "You are welcome to any supplies in the galley. The small room next to the galley has extra foodstuffs, so help yourself." She replied in polite tones. "I have some things to take care of." She left the common room for her own quarters and locked the door behind her.

Slob looked left, then right, then to the food prep area with confusion. "Is there a reason you do not wish to wear gloves, Padawan?"

"I guess I will give it a look then, does anyone have any preferences on a dish?" Jada gave a glance to Slob. "That would be a good question, actually."

In her quarters, she finally succumbed to the sleep that kept dogging her until they made their first jump and now they were cruising easy for a couple of hours. Seizures did more than make her fall down and go into spams as she was forced to witness the past of whatever she touched, it also injured her at times and always made her very fatigued and she needed some sleep to fully recover. She set the alarm for when the ship would need her attention again and fell into her bed to get some much-needed sleep.

Back in the lounge, Slob still looked to Zylan, curious to her disposition on gloves.

"I'm just filing my nails," Zyla said, a defensive tone raising in her voice. "I'm even catching the shavings on my dress to keep her ship clear of...genetic information."

Pursing her lips, she set about her task again, rounding out the edges of her nails and breathing calmly.

"I'm just not one for giving in to extreme and unexplained requests; that's why I refused in the beginning. But now that I understand, I'm happy to wear the stupid things. So get off my damn back about it."

"Duly noted," Slob nodded, then placed the information into his memory core.

"Would you care to explain what exactly that was that happened I saw?" Jada tilted his head just a little bit.

Slob shifted uncomfortably when no one seemed to want to entertain the conversation any further.


The alarm went off and woke Aukil. She got up, made sure she was protected, and left her personal quarters, locking the door behind her. It wasn't that she didn't trust her passengers, it was just habit, always locking her personal space to keep it personal. She moved back to the cockpit, unlocking it to get in and then locking it again behind her. It was time to make the last jump to Nar Shaddaa. She used the comms to call back to her passengers. "We are going to be making our last jump now. We will be at Nar Shaddaa within the hour. Brace for the jump." She then counted slowly to 100 and then made the jump to hyperspace. Staying in the accelerated speed for the required amount of time and then falling back into normal space. She ran a quick scan, no imperial presence at the moment, so all was good. Then she set course for the final leg to Nar Shaddaa.

Whilst Aukil was having her little nap. Jada had made some progress in the galley. Since he was given permission to use whatever was in there. The smell at least for most had to have been intoxicating. That or should be at least, taking about the amount of time it would for them to get to the last jump point. Jada glanced up at the voice a moment. Putting what he'd made back in the oven so it didn't fly all over the place once they jumped. Once they did, then he got it out and brought it into the common area. It was a type of what you could call lasagna.

Zyla looked at the approaching dish with curiosity, her soft eyes scanning it for information on what it might be.

"What is it?" she asked, finally giving up.

Jada sat it down on the table and went to get plates and the amenities to go along with them. "Bantha, blue milk curd(cottage cheese), red sauce, and stringy cheese pasta layer dish."

Slob dally groaned, "If only I had the ability to smell. However, it does sound like a digestive nightmare."

'Well you would have to try it, but that doesn't exactly help you." Jada mentioned as he sat down, not knowing who may get some, he didn't go ahead and plate portions other than his own.

"For a droid, it does not." Slob pointed to Jada's dish.


Aukil stayed in the cockpit, making the arrangements to land and find a berth at Nar Shaddaa. Finally, on long-range sensor, their destination came on screen. Now it would only be another 20 minutes and they would be at the planet another ten minutes and they would be in their berth. She once again went on the ship-wide com and informed her passengers of their progress. "Passengers, we will be on Nar Shaddaa in 30 minutes. Please take this time to clean up anything you need to, secure your quarters on the ship, and prepare to disembark." Then she busied herself with the final approach and landing.

Jada glanced up at the announcement a moment, he was already finishing up cleaning, putting what was left away for later. It would keep for a while.

With her ship in its berth, Aukil shut it down. "Passengers, we have arrived at Nar Shaddaa. Please keep your com units so we know when we are to meet up again. Good luck on your missions, May the Force be with you." It wasn't that she really believed in the ancient religion, but she had felt the power of the force a few times, mostly just when she was working on her ship or dealing with other technology and her curse of the visions. She knew the force was real and if her passengers practiced with it, she prayed it would go their way rather than against them. Silently, she wished them luck. Then she did a final check on her ship and secured it, taking with her the navigation crystals and the start mechanism. She had place to hide them so that no one could steal her ship while she was away, even if they did manage to break in. Then she left her cockpit, locking it behind her, and going to her private quarters to get ready for her personal adventures on Nar Shaddaa.


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