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Passing the time

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 7:48pm by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

After waiting for several hours, Aukil guessed that no one was coming tonight to leave. So she officially had some free time, this was a relatively new concept for her. Most of her life she was on the move, heading from one job to the next, running away from one bounty hunter or another, always on the move to survive. Her ship now had a place to call home, for a time, so that meant she now had free time.

Darkening her cockpit, she went into the back of her ship that she had set up as common area when she had passengers. With her ship secured, she took off her gloves and unbound her lekuu. She always felt like she was coming out a prison when she freed her lekuu and took off her gloves. It just helped to keep her safe, wearing the bindings and the gloves. Not many understood that those bindings and gloves protected her just as much as her self isolation.

Aukil turned on the fractal program again, this time setting it to fill the entire common area. She selected, blues, greens, and purples for this display. Then she set some music to play. She wasn't sure where the music originated from, but it was soft and filled with melody with just enough bass to keep beat but not overwhelm the melody. She watched the fractals as they filled the space, moving from pattern to pattern. It started with a simply swaying to the movement of the instruments and fractals and then because full movement. Leaping and spinning, and moving on the ground as well as through the air, Aukil gave herself full permission to be free.

It started as it usually did, a flash of light. Everything came to a crashing stop, literally, as she fell hard to the floor of the common area. She knew she felt something break, but wasn't sure what. Then the flood of images came to her, being made and then used in the household of a wealthy merchant family until it was confiscated by the Empire and used in a political ship of a senator that was no longer living and then stolen by the resistance and now was used to make sure new people to the cause could be trusted. One of her lekuu had brushed the small box affixed to one of the light fixtures while she was dancing. The invasion of the merchant's home and murder of his whole family, brought on the seizure. The ambush and murder of the senator and his family and friends and guests at the party brought on the second, more violent seizure. Finally, the images of all the smugglers and scoundrels and everything that happened on their ships while they were being vetted overwhelmed her until she lost consciousness.

Slowly, several hours later, Aukil blinked her eyes. There was a small puddle of blood she was laying in on her deck. It took her several efforts to get up. The fall had broken her left hip and right arm. She stumbled to the medical quarters and put herself on the table and summoned the doctor droid she kept on the ship. She had built this droid with parts from other droids after making sure their touch wouldn't set her off. Silently, the droid did it's job and fixed her up. While she lay on the table her emotions went through the spectrum, but in the end, she understood. It would be too easy for the Empire to slip spies and saboteurs into this effort to stop them. She only wished she had been told they were going to vet her this way first, so she could have avoided this. So for the time being, she would stay bound up with gloves on until the resistance knew they could trust her.

Released from the medical quarters, the first thing she did was bind up her lekuu again and put her gloves back on. It wouldn't do to have another episode again. Then she went back into the common area and cleaned up the mess. She looked at the small box, almost invisible unless you knew what you were looking for and nodded once. It was almost morning, so she went to her quarters and locked herself in and took what rest she could, while she could, before she was one again on high alert.


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