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At Home

Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 @ 11:11pm by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

Aukil stepped back onto her ship and closed the door behind her. She was home, in her private sanctuary. She stripped off her gloves and unbound her lekuu and shook her entire body to relax it. After the meeting with Dorvaela and Shana, she had agreed to basically being at the beck and call of this place. She still wasn't sure how that happened.

Stalking back to her quarters, she laid down on her bed and stared at the fractal pattern she had in constant motion on the ceiling. It was soothing to her, to see all the colors moving and blending and changing, never stagnant, always in motion. Right now it was programmed in shades of red and green and yellow at the moment. Slowly, she was lulled into a nap.

As she dreamed, she saw herself again the young girl on the back streets on Ryloth. Her mind passed over the abuse, being traded to one person after another just for a mouthful of food, used to the pleasure of whoever was her "Master" of the moment. She didn't dwell on the beatings that left her scarred and bloody. Instead, she always went to one memory to live over and over. She was maybe 10 or 11, she was in the back of a shop that sold clothing. The "Master" of the moment was busy minding the front of the shop. To keep her quiet, she had been allowed the scraps and had manipulated them in the semblance of a doll. She smiled as the played with her baby, making up stories for the doll of a world where she would never be hurt, never know hunger, never know pain, never know humiliation. She relived those fifteen golden minutes over and over, whenever she was able to sleep. Of course, the "Master" had come and ripped the doll from her hands and then forced her to earn her daily keep.

A pounding, repeated over and over, broke through her dream and she woke. She was still alone, in her personal place of safety. Someone was banging on the outside of her ship. Sighing, she got up, bound her lekuu again and put her gloves back on. Then she walked to the port and opened the door. A young man stood there with a data cube and dropped it in her hand. Then he ran off and she closed the door and walked back into her ship.

Putting the data cube into the player, she watched the briefing. She was going to have four people on her ship for the upcoming mission. They also wanted her to get more medical supplies and food supplies if possible, seeds and breeding stock were the preferable food supplies so they could create their own harvests and herds. Well, she would do what she could. She got to work pulling out the dividers and creating four quarters for her passengers. She then pulled simple bunks and tables and chests for clothing out and bolted them to the floors in each of the quarters. Then she finished with doors for each. She then set up pens for live stock and a few bins for seeds. It took her a few hours, but it was all done. She was ready whenever her passengers were ready to go.

While she waited, she fixed a simple ration of bread with a meat spread and glass of water. It may not taste the best, but it fulfilled her dietary needs. She tried her best not to get comfortable with anything other than the basics, you never knew when those would be taken from you. When you had to survive on rodents and stale second hand water, the simple ration was a feast. She put the rest of the ration away for another time when she would be hungry.

Then she went to her cockpit and started to watch. Being alert had saved her life on more than one occasion. Even inside her personal haven, her private sanctuary, her place of safety, she was still too vulnerable. So she watched and waited.


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