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I am Twi'lek

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2020 @ 3:00am by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

Aukil sat in the cockpit of her ship and contemplated what it was she was doing. She still wasn't sure why she had no memory of her early childhood, but from all the scars on her body, it was a pretty good chance it came from abuse. However, she didn't let that hold her down or stop her from achieving her goals. She managed to escape from Ryloth when she was 16, after stealing a shuttle from some clones and blasting into space. Of course, the shuttle was found on Alderaan, but she was able to avoid detection and managed to escape the clone pursuit.

After spending a few months on Alderaan, stealing to survive and collecting enough credits, she went into service to learn how to improve her piloting skills. The Empire wasn't very friendly toward anyone not human, but because she seemed to be able to fix the unfixable, they allowed her to stay and work on improving her skills. After four years in the service, she learned a lot more than the Empire had wanted to teach her. She could fix anything and she could pilot anything they put her in. They must have tested her a hundred times, but she didn't register on their radar as having Jedi powers, for which she was grateful. Those found with that cursed power were either killed or subverted to serve the Emperor. She learned routines and depots, schedules for supplies, and weaknesses in the Empire's ships.

She managed to escape from the Empire when she refused to reenlist in the service of the Empire. She stole a freighter and took it back to Ryloth and used it to build her current ship. She was rather proud of the fact that she was able to piece together several ships to make one that looked like many yet had no true signature for those looking for her. It was also strange being back on Ryloth, but this time she wasn't living mean on the streets, she actually had enough credits to have a small house on the outskirts. She wasn't very social, staying to herself. She was also extremely careful about touching anything. The last time she accidentally touched a shield generator she was reworking for her ship, she almost blacked out from the rush of images that flooded her mind. She felt dirty after seeing all of that and had to take several showers to feel half way normal again.

Testing this curse she seemed to be saddled with, she found that raw cloth was the only thing that didn't overwhelm her. The more she touched something, the fewer and fewer visions she saw. So she spent a lot of time touching everything on her ship until the only memories she got when she touched her ship were of her. She also spent time making gloves for herself, long ones with many layers, that covered her hands and arms to her elbows. Touching anything through the cloth kept most of the visions away, not all of them or all the time, but enough so that it didn't cripple her.

She then spent the next few years gaining a name for herself of being able to get the impossible when it came to supplies. She had several bounties on her head from the Empire and grew even more cautious around other people. When she spoke, she used as few words as possible. She never volunteered information or anything else. She was able to adapt to any situation in order to stay ahead of all the bounty hunters after her. Then she fell in with someone who worked for the Rebellion.

Perhaps this Rebellion was what she was looking for. A group out to frustrate and destroy the Empire. She ran a few supply runs for them and was then allowed to help out on important bases. Now, she was known for being able to get what was most vitally needed even though others couldn't find the supplies. She wasn't the best, she didn't want to be the best. All she wanted was to use what she learned against the Empire and help out the Rebellion, and find her own peace, her own home, safety.

Now she was loaded down with supplies for a place called Haven. Cloth, seeds, raw minerals, crystals, and food stuffs filled every possible corner of her ship. Following the directions given her by her contact, she made her way to Haven to see if maybe, she could find a place to belong, a place where she safe.


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