General Items
Main Base (Haven Enclave)   The Main Base of Haven houses most amenities of The Enclave's Force Sensitives. In this dome-shaped part of the complex are eating areas, sleeping quarters, meditation suites, a medical bay, holo-communication room, a conference room, and public/private/adjoining refreshers.
Rebel Operations Center (aka ROC)   To the right of the Enclave's Maine Base is an elevator with a blast door. Take the lift down far enough and you will find a war room, a bunk area, and a hangar. But these are just a few of things Haven's Rebel cell house is this complex.
Haven's Main Hangar Complex   To the left of Haven's main base, is a cut-in rockface that leads into the main hangar bays for most types of shuttles, personal fighters, and freighters of The Enclave.