Secrets, Survival, and Safety

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It's been 2 months since the rescue of Jedi at Adamar. Healing has started, but also fear has started to set in. Rumors of Darth Vader searching for the Jedi strike team have reached The Enclave, via the Rebel Intelligence network.

In order for Haven to remain a safe commune for the Force Sensitive community, a plan is hatched. But to retrieve rare crystals capable of hiding them from view, they also have to contend with a small Imperial fleet over the planet of Maramer.

Meanwhile... other elements of The Enclave learn of Haven's unique, dangerous ecosystem while another team must go to Kashyyyk and retrieve another Jedi from The Shadowlands.

Part of The Aftermath Trilogy

The Events that Forged Us

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The stories of characters that bring them to the Enclave and how they got here, what made them who and what they are?. The trials and tribulations of the Galaxy are already spoken. These are the tales of our past glories.

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A Call To Action

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When a survivor of Order 66 is caught using The Force after saving a civilian from being hit from a speeder, Rebel Alliance intelligence brings word to The Enclave that trouble is brewing. Intercepted transmissions reveal Inquisitors have been dispatched to find and locate the Jedi.

For six years, The Enclave has focused on healing their physical and emotional trauma from Order 66. Now, it seems, they have no choice but to rise to the occasion, at great personal risk. Can they save this Jedi? Or is this a trap?

Part of The Aftermath Trilogy