The Sim

Remnants of the Fallen Mythology

Alternate Universe Timeline

One of the biggest things ROTF's GM staff has decided to do, was root our Sim and its universe largely in a new timeline, starting from after Order 66. This allows us to strip away "The Chosen One" concept of the Skywalker legacy and instead, open up a wider story.

In doing so, we've decided to have a community ICly devoted to both Jedi and Grey/Shadow philosophy. As well as helping to build up the Rebel Alliance.

Non-Sith Force Users and non-Force Users alike will live as survivors and rebels, trying to live in a galaxy that persecutes them. All the while, this setting provides players the opportunity to debate the philosophies of The Force and expand the universe in a more meaningful way.

Force Power Use

In researching what has been missing in most failed Nova SW sims, we wanted to allow players to have multiple character options to choose from. In doing so, this means by a majority, we expect most playable characters to be Jedi, Former Jedi, Fallen (aka Dark) Jedi, and Shadows to be the popular choices.

Basically, we have a High Magic SW Sim. This means we’re open to prodigies of the Force, but only allowed when there are very clear and distinctive weaknesses to balance the character. So players will need to consult with the ROTF GMs for approval on your character being gifted with rare and powerful Force abilities.

There also needs to be a few ground rules for using High Magic (The Force) during Force PC-On-Force PC interaction - as well as most situations against NPC High Magic Enemies going forward.

* Heroes (Us) will never use Force Lightning or Sith Alchemy (unless for special stories with GM Approval).
* Those characters with strong Force Telepathy, need to ask the other player’s involved, beforehand, in reading their character(s)' mind.
* Saber fights between characters should be talked in length to work out kinks.

Grounded Force Users

High Magic (The Force) settings don't mean your characters are invincible. Force User characters, on this Sim, will be expected to take huge losses on occasion. Losses encourage character growth. So all players should consider injuring their characters here and there for believability.

Star Wars Refrences

ROTF pulls from many Star Wars IP medium formats. The first 6 films, New Jedi Order books, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Knights of the Old Republic games, The Clone Wars, Rebels, and Rogue One are where most of our lore stims from.

We do not acknowledge most of the Disney movies. If folks wish to take some of the visuals from the Disney movies, go ahead. But the Force theology lore learned from those three films, do not exist here.