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Knight Countess Jen'axandra Varris

Name Countess Jen'axandra Varris

Position Watchmen

Rank Knight

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Alderonian)
Age 23
Allegiance Jedi


Weapon(s) Lightsaber (Strong hilt for Soresu, Curved for Makashi use.)

Jen's Lightsaber is a hybrid Makashi Lightsaber. The upper part of the saber is straightened while the lower part is more curved. This is to facilitate both of her chosen lightsaber styles. When she's using Makashi, she grips the lower part of the blade, but when she shifts to Soresu, the upper part of the saber is gripped. She's capable of shifting lightsaber styles on demand, and in mid fight, without loosing the precision of both styles, or by having to disengage.

Westar 34 Blaster Pistol
Westar 55 Heavy Blaster Pistol
SoruSub S-11 Interchangeable Blaster Rifle
And usually anything she can find.
Vehicles Modified S-161 "Stinger" XL Luxury Yacht.

Name: White Tharanta

Hyperspace Rating: 1.0
Twin Hidden Dual Laser Cannons. Dorsal And Ventral. Remote Targeted.
Twin Forward Laser Cannons
Hidden Proton Torpedo Launcher

Note: This ship is part of Jen's Facade as a spoiled Alderaanian Noble. It has a Military Grade sensor stealth system. A ship would have to get in visual range in order to track it but even then, this ship has impressive stealth capabilities far short of a cloaking device.
Gear Holocom
Slicing Kit
Clone Commando Combat Knife
A Holopicture of an Elderly Mon Calamari
Usually elegant or trendy clothing.
A music player with headphones (Mandalorian Metal, don't ask.)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description At first glance, Jen does not appear to be a Jedi. She appears to be a spoiled and decadent brat from imperial high-human society and she uses that to great advantage. Only the Enclave leadership knows the true Jen'axandra Varris.

Otherwise, she maintains a well constructed fascade of vanity that allows her to evade suspicion. Her striking features and flirtatious demeanor does not show the true beauty inside, and she has to use what she calls 'the facade.'

She is fit and keeps herself in fighting shape as a Jedi, and even her attractive figure earns her many suiters in the realm of Imperial High-Society.


Father Duke Darian Varris
Mother Duchess Alessa Varris
Brother(s) Count Farran Varris

Personality & Traits

General Overview There's two personalities at work with Jen'axandra. The first is what she calls 'the facade.' It is the identity of a spoiled, selfish, vain, and pampered young imperial socialite who enjoys her vices and likes to bask in riches and titles. She enjoys the royalty of the galaxy and looks down on 'peasants' as commoners and trash. The epitome of the imperial vision for a young human woman. She does not draw too much attention from Imperial Officials to herself. The Empire simply views her as a useful tool for the new order. Given she appears to support the human-centric Empire. She often uses her ability to chat up Imperial Officials with her charm combined with force persuasion to learn what she can about the Empire.

The real Jen'axandra Varris is that of a true Jedi Knight. The fascade was that Jen was turned down for Jedi training because of her spoiled nature. But the reality was she was accepted for a very specific kind of Jedi training, and far from what most in the Jedi Order expect. She is noble and kind. Selfless and extremely caring for the troubles of others. Its because of the facade she has to maintain, that she maintains who she truly is to a great degree. Furthermore, she dresses very humbly in Jedi Robes when she's in her true persona as a Jedi Knight, and she uses her compassion to balance the Facade so it does not take over as her personality. It takes a certain personality to be a Jedi Watchman. To assume a persona that can relentlessly tempt a Jedi to the Dark Side.

Jen fears one day the facade would become reality. Sometimes the persona she’s assumed becomes very seductive, and at the end of the day, she truly relies on her allies and friends to remind herself what she’s supposed to be, who she really is.
Strengths & Weaknesses The true personality has her fair share of admirable traits and quirks. She is quick to help all those in need against the cruelty of the Empire, but sometimes she has to be careful how she goes about it. The worst part of helping is knowing when not to help. It crushes her heart when she realizes she can't help everyone against the Empire. Living in such a despotic and cruel shell of the Republic she once was deeply in love with causes her to shed tears in private when she sees the latest atrocity the Empire commits against its own people, and there’s nothing she can do about it.

From her compassion for others comes strength to remember who she truly is. And even most are taken aback by the contrast between her selfish fascade and the selfless reality She truly wants one day to discard the fascade she has to live with to fight the Empire openly. Some in the Enclave offer her the chance to do this, but her selfless demeanor often drives her to remain a Watchman because she can do the most good in the shadows.

Her true nature is known only to the highest levels of the Enclave and the Rebel Alliance. She does her utmost to provide intelligence to the growing rebellion, but they are careful not to compromise her facade under any circumstances. Because of the sacrifices and danger she faces every single day, she is one of the greatest weapons the Enclave has against the Empire, and each of her missions may be her last mission.

Furthermore she has opinions on the failing of the Jedi to recognize Palpatine’s true nature before it consumed them. ‘The true nature of Sheev Palaptine and the Senate was staring us directly in the eyes. With a smiling face. The Council would have seen it if they ever stepped out of their stuffy temple in their lives and had dinner with the people of the galaxy. They would have known the problems of the Republic’s people, and seen who the real villains were.’

She is not afraid of becoming one with the force for greater good. The only thing that scares this woman to the core, is that one day she'd fall off the fine line she walks between the light and the dark.

Furthermore, the reality of the people she’s lost, the cruelties she witnesses day after day, drives her to seek solitude so she can have a good scream or a good cry. A strong woman, but she still needs help on how to not carry her own emotions like a cross.
Ambitions One day she dreams about ending her fascade and assuming her true persona, but she realizes that it may not be possible.
Hobbies & Interests Her music. Mandalorian Metal. Don't ask, as she's taken an interest in the music her fascade likes day in and day out. She calls it 'balancing the yin with the yang.'

Learned Skills

Lightsaber Form(s) Form II – Makashi (Very Adept)
Form III – Soresu (Adept)
Form IV - Djem So (Moderate)
Force Powers Force Alignment: Light/Gray

-Breath Control [Passive]
-Core Force Powers
-Force Awareness
-Force Persuasion
-Precognition [Passive]
-Speed Rush
-Force Cloak
-Force Empathy
-Force Persuasion

Skill(s) Learning

Approved to Learn -Force Sight
-Saber Throw (Neutral)[Difficult to Learn]
-Shatterpoint (Neutral) [Difficult to Learn]


Personal History Jen's training began during the last years of the Clone Wars. The Jedi Council realized that too much was happening in the galaxy that they were blind to, and that the Jedi Watchmen needed to be reformed. This requied a very specific kind of Jedi that was literally above and beyond the norm. Jedi that could balance themselves to an exceptional degree, and Master Yoda noticed a disturbing trend within the Jedi; they were becoming self-righteous and blind. Unwilling to see the galaxy for what it was becoming. The fact that the possibility a Sith Lord was present in the Galaxy proved to Yoda how blind they were. The Watchmen were needed.

So, unorthodox times called for an unorthodox Jedi Master who could train Jedi Watchmen due to the fact that there was no need for them since the Sith went extinct, or so the Jedi thought. The Watchmen would take even the most unorthodox padawans and about seven Jedi Knights were called to become watchmen in the shadows, aiding the Republic during the Clone Wars. Jen's master was Jedi Watchman Master Keto. A wise Mon Calamari who portrayed himself as a travelling eccentric executive of the Corporate Sector. In public, he was a minor executive of the Corporate Sector, in reality; he was the kindest man Jen had ever known, and he shaped a great deal of who she was.

Being separated from her family for Jedi training was hard for Jen. Her family was one of the few left who remembered the greatness of the Jedi's heroic legacy. As a Padawan, she would learn a great deal from Keto, like he was a second father, and Keto had his own unorthodox ideas of how a Jedi should be. True they should leave their families so they could serve the greater galaxy, but he realized it was the lack of empathy and disconnected nature of the Jedi that caused the common person to be estranged from the Jedi Order. Keto would just help people, in his travels with Jen, because 'it was the right thing to do.'

No higher philosophy, no symbolic gesture, no agenda. 'It was the right thing to do.' One kindness would be answered with another and another. And it is how Keto and Jen managed to create a network of contacts and friends across the galaxy to feed vital intelligence on the Confederacy of Independent Systems to the Jedi Council.

As Keto and Jen traveled, they began to notice things about the Clone Wars. Quite possibly, the only people at war were Clones, Battle Droids, Jedi, and Politicians. Again and again, normal everyday people were just trying to stay out of the kill-zone. The Republic's leadership was completely out of touch with the problems of their citizenry, and those who supported the separatists, did so because they were tired of the Republic's corrupt senators and their taxes going into the pockets of the same men who gave the corporations, including the Intergalactic Banking Clan, the ability collect perceived 'debts' out of the hides of common people on the mid-rim.

More disturbingly, they began to learn of certain miscarriages of justice being performed by the Republic Security Bureau. It began with harassment, cruel and unusual interrogations, arrests on flimsy evidence, and it only got worse. While these two watchmen had no issue lending an invisible hand to assist the many clone troopers who vowed to fight for the Republic across the galaxy, these soldiers had a defined code of honor. But these new agents, that started to replace noted and dignified security officers in the republic, increasingly became more cruel in their methods. Keto and Jen began to become more and more cautious around the changing face of Republic Security.

The question was raised again and again at dinner on Master Keto's yacht 'are we on the right side, Master Keto?' And Keto could only reply; 'I do not know, Padawan. We've never seen this side of the Galaxy at the temple. We've only lived our lives on the top spires of Coruscant and Alderaan. I don't know how to explain this desperation, these miscarriages of justice, and this poverty to the Council, even less the Senate.' While Jen and Master Keto enjoyed sitting down for dinner and discussing the course of the day with each other, and sometimes their after dinner stories seemed like father and daughter spending time with each other, the times after these questionable security missions quickly made dinner a quiet, tense moment filled with awkwardness… and shame.

In the months leading up to the Jedi Purge, Keto and Jen could painfully witness the transition from Republic to Empire in the daily lives of its citizens. Draconian Security Measures, surprise raids without the oversight of the courts, new agencies, one called the Department of Judicial Authority which dragged Republic Citizens off to classified prisons. The more Keto meditated on this, the less Count Dooku was the Republic's true enemy, and the more he questioned the Supreme Chancellor's motives.

Then one day, a week before Operation Knightfall, Master Keto stopped sending reports to the Jedi Council, and they went underground. Keto had enough of what the Republic was becoming the day the RSB's thugs lined up war dissenters for a off-the-books execution. Accusing them of treason over a rock being thrown at a RSB Officer. Both Keto and Jen had it. They could not call themselves Jedi now. They were rebels. They drew their lightsabers and defeated all of those thugs, helping these citizens escape.

Keto was going to send an official notice that they had rebelled against the Republic to the Council, but then the unimaginable happened. Palpatine was now the Emperor. This Dark Figure, Darth Vader began hunting Jedi Knights. And wanted posters of every surviving Jedi began appearing on billboard walls. Keto had to take his Padawan into hiding. Fortunately the civilian dissenters they rescued, repaid the favor bu taking Keto and Jen into hiding until the initial Jedi purge died down.

Evading the Inquisitors was harrowing, and all of Keto and Jen's worse nightmares of the oppression and cruelty of this new empire came true. They concealed their lightsabers and learned how to use blasters and combat training. Resolving that they would save as many force sensitives they could from these inquisitors. Ob-Wan Kenobi's last message to the Jedi served as an inspiration to Keto and Jen to survive. Care for one another and 'trust in the force and in time; a new hope would rise. But that wasn’t enough. They had to start a rebellion against the cruelty they saw on a daily basis, but they had to do it without attracting the attention of the Empire.

It wouldn't be long until Keto and Jen would attract the attention of the Inquisitorius, even with their best effort to conceal their presence and identities. Indeed, every time they used the force in any way to fight the Empire. Inquisitors would show up, lead by helmeted, armor-clad figure named Darth Vader, and he was relentless. However the only thing Vader knew about the Watchmen was that they existed. He learned of Keto from interrogating the people who told stories about his exploits, then he killed them. Vader succeeded in cornering Master Keto on Ryloth, and the wise Jedi Master bid his Padawan to run. His final words were 'Jen... I'm an old man... I'll slow you down and you can run faster. You cannot die at the hands of Vader. You have to live, and don’t let him destroy the order completely.' Jen swallowed her tears and escaped Vader. Master Keto fought Darth Vader and put his fate into the force by falling down a deep ravine. Vader never found the body.

Jen would spend many years evading the Inquisitorius and aiding escaping force sensitives, and their families, in escaping to the outer rim. In order to allay suspicion, she returned to her family on Alderaan and created a cover identity of a spoiled and vain brat that was truly in love with the new order. That way she could mingle with imperial high-society, often chatting up suitors and ambitious officers with charm. It allowed her to construct an information network of fools that would die for her attention. It was during these high-society functions that Jen meet Bail Prestor Organa. At first, Bail saw only a spoiled socialite, but soon, Jen realized he was one of the hidden architects of the Rebel Alliance. Dead drops from a mysterious ‘Watcher Jenny’ appeared in his hovercar, offering him her services. Included were command codes from the Imperial Officers she ‘chatted up’ using the Jedi Mind Trick and her own charisma.

In a few years, she learned of the Enclave from rumors on the outer rim and began to contact them very slowly. Bail began forwarding dead drops to the Enclave Leadership and contact with this watchman has been very slow and careful not to attract the attention of the Inquisitors. Fortunately, the Enclave managed to gain enough trust with Jen for a in-person meeting where she agreed to join them.
Service Record Jedi Order
Failed Trials - Remanded to Family

Jedi Order Watchmen - CLASSIFIED - Jedi High Council Clearance Required.
Passed Trials - Given the rank of Padawan Watchman
Master: Jedi Master Keto

Note from Master Ki-Adi Mundi

I am concerned about Master Keto and his apprentice. They have been secretive, cautious about contacting us. I am wondering if these two Jedi have surrendered to their passions, as they've been evasive when they've contacted us, and have not been forthcoming with their mission reports to either the Council or the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.

They have even refused a Senate Oversight Probe into their activities, citing that they were conducting covert operations against the Seperatists. Other of their mission reports are intentionally vague and the Senate Judicial Oversight Comimittie has taken notice.

I recommend we recall Master Keto and Padawan Varris to answer before the Council.