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Soldier Vardis Kree

Name Vardis Kree

Position Engineer

Rank Soldier

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Zabrak
Age 28
Allegiance Rebels


Weapon(s) Vibrodagger
Vehicles speederbike
Gear Datapad

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125#
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description She has the vestigal Horns that identify her as zabrak and light facial tattoos to signify her tribal identity as an Ord Mantel Zabrak


Spouse None
Father Darit Kree
Mother Vandara

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is sure of her ability as most Zabrak's tend to be. She does not like to fight and hates the thought of carrying a weapon. She considers herself to be an above average mechanic. She has a slight force sensitivity, but not so much that it would draw attention to her. Due to her upbringing she's very good with animals and has what could be considered Animal Empathy.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is not good with fighting or using weapons. She is very skilled with repairs on anything mechanical. She has what might be considered Tech Insight in that she can almost see a problem that need to be repaired.
On more than one occasion she has managed to leave somewhere before trouble arrives. Her most common phrase might be "I gotta bad feeling about this" which she tends to listen to and get out, if she can.
Ambitions Staying alive and away from any Imperial entanglements are her main goals at this point. She sympathizes with the rebellion but currently has no desire to take on the Imps. She would much rather just be allowed to work on various ships.
Hobbies & Interests She likes to rebuild broken vehicles. Her latest project is a rebuilt 614-AvA speeder bike. The only thing better would be to rebuild a space worthy ship so she could travel elsewhere.

Learned Skills

Lightsaber Form(s) none
Force Powers Tech Insight
Animal Empathy

Skill(s) Learning


Personal History Vardis grew up in on Ord Mantel in a large Zabrak community. She learned her mechanical skills by working with her father as he worked on the various equipment in the community, ranging from speeders to the odd space ship that needed minor repairs. She finally left the colony when she signed on as a mechanic on a freighter. Unfortunately, she was no longer needed when the freighter's Captain hired a friend who had more experience and she was left behind to fend for herself.
Service Record No official service history other than working on the freighter for the past 2 years.