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Knight Artorius An

Name Artorius Vai An

Position Sentinel

Rank Knight

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43
Allegiance Jedi


Weapon(s) Dual force katanas (That emit a yellow glow from the use of his crystals.)
Vehicles ARC-170 Starfighter
Gear Datapad
Holographic communicator
Slicer kit
Underwater breathing device

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 175 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color blue-green
Physical Description Tall, lean build. Long hair usually tied back. Sometimes sports a soulpatch depending on the season.

Wears a mixture of yellow and black robes that he considers a signature style.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Owain An
Mother Jann Zao An
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Xai Tor An: Older sister.
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Artorius is a man who strongly believes in the precepts of law and order. Being raised in a senate family has given him a strong sense of morality and rationality as well.

He believes in the validity of every life along with a strong desire to protect the weak and innocent.

Loves to talk about the Force to whomever wishes to listen.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Atrorius' honesty along with his moral convictions are a huge source of strength for him. His positivity has been known to spread to those around him. His calm demeanour and overall personality are noteable and admired by friends and Jedi alike

Weaknesses: His morality can also be a hinderance, as he'll weigh the odds of a situation regarding his level of involvment very carefully. He prefers to err on the side of caution and not use direction action unless it was absolutely nessacary.

Given his path, Artorius has proven himself to be a highly skilled fighter. He has been criticised by Jedi masters along with his teachers about losing his perspective while in the heat of battle. Artorius enjoys dueling, striving to become a flawless warrior while his elders insist he learn patience and temperance.
Ambitions Artorius strives to be a symbol of Hope in what he considers a 'fallen galaxy'. He wants justice for his executed family along with his friends and extended family in the Senate, the Jedi he once had a close bond with.

Mostly, Artorius wants to honour the memory of his former master, Jor Ka Ri.
Hobbies & Interests Artorius lives for his training routine. Preferring strength trainning along with swimming and running. Before the start of his duties he practices his sword forms. Comitting to keep his abilities sharp and focused.

Aside from that. Artorius is adept in Interstellar law. He loves speaking languages, loves to take care of animals, feels deeply connected to the force while surfing.

Learned Skills

Lightsaber Form(s) Form One, Shii-Cho: Mastered
Form Two, Makashi: Mastered
Form Three, Soresu: Mastered
Form Four, Ataru: Adept but unrefined, can still seek improvment.
Form Five, Shien/Djem So: Untrained. Too easy to get lost in agression with this form.
Form Six, Niman: Mastered.
Force Powers Core Force Powers
Battle Precognition
Speed rush
Force Persuasion
Tech Insight
Tech shunt
Force sight
The Force's Will

Skill(s) Learning

Approved to Learn Juyo/Vaapad


Personal History Born to Owain and Jann Zor An on Coruscant. Artorius was originally planned to follow his father's footsteps in the senate. However, within eight months of Artorius' infancy the baby inadvertantly began to levitate objects within his room. Vastly concerned, his parents sought the aid of the Jedi. The council, sending a Jedi to observe the baby; felt a strong presence of the force within the child. When the Jedi reported back to the council it was deemed that when the child was older he would recieve training.

Training would begin when Artorius reached the age of six. Young Artorius protested as hard as he could to remain with his parents but his parents eaased the child's fears by telling Artorius that the Corusant temple wasn't far and that they would always be with him, but he had to now realize that he was living for a higher purpose now and no matter what came his eway, he had to be brave and act with courage.

Artorius remained on Corusant until age twelve. Learning the basic precepts of the Jedi Order. His education placing emphasis on mathematics, science, and philosophy. On Tython Artorius would continue his studies. Along with learning martial arts before being assgned a training sabre. Jedi Battlemaster Jor Ka Ri took Artorius on as an apprentice at fourteen. Jor Ka Ri was a formidable Jedi who had a legendary reputation of being a fair but firm master. While not an elitist, he would sometimes boast about training only the best. He would only do so to playfully raise the ire of his fellow Jedi Masters. Artorius trained inensively hard for six years. Accompanying his master on investigative missions that took the two of them to the farthest regions of space. Learning how to be civil as well as diplomatic as well as keeping calm in cases of hostility and crisis.

At eighteen Jor Ka Ri decided that Artorius was old enough to begin his trials. He was instructed to return to Tython and seek out Jedi Master Cyann Kaufani where he would be tested on the importance of Wisdom.
Master Kaufani's trial was a test of intellect. For alomost a week she test Artorius' knowledge of the force and its principles. Looking for logical answers to complex problems. When she was satisfied she instructed Artorius to travel to Jedda, where he could encounter Master Xon Du on the importance of Compassion. On Jedda Xon Du asked Artorius how to relieve suffering within the known galaxy. After three days Artorius presented a sufficent answer to Master Du, who approved.

Artorius' final trial would be on the planet Ahch-To for the Trial of Courage. It would be here where Artorius would face his inner demons along with his fears and doubts. Later on Artorius would explain his time on Ahch-To as his 'dark night of the soul'; finding this trial grueling, along with morally and spiritually crushing. On top of it all he had to meet his own master in combat which put Artorius through his physical capabilities. After a grueling combat session that lasted six hours, Artorius disarmed Master Ri. Satisfied with his padawan's progress Jor Ka Ri decided Artorius' trial was over. The following day Jor Ka Ri handed Artorius two crystals and instructed him on how to forge his own force blades.

Returning to Corusant, Artorius was granted knighthood by the Jedi council. He was given permission to briefly return to his family before setting out on his own. Soon afterwords, Artorius was assigned to the outer rim, being one of the limited Jedi to bring law and order to lawless settlemets. Engaging in battles against cartels, and bounty hunters. Making a name for himself as a knight errant that the underworld feared. As well as fighting for social causes and improving the quality of life for the poor and downtrodden.

As Order 66 was being executed, Artorius was ordered by Master Jor Ka Ri to cease all Jedi activities and go into hiding. Explaining in vauge detail how the senate were betratying the Jedi. For a year and a half he would recieve updates from his former master but grew incresingly concerned when the communications ceased. He travelled to Corusant incognito and learned of the destruction of the Jedi along the way. Fearing more he learned the fate of his family along with the remaining senate as they tried to make a stand against the Emperor. At his family's home artorius found a holomessage for him, explaining details of the fall of the Republic. His parents hoping for his survival and if this message was recieved, to seek justice for those who had fallen.
Service Record Coming soon.