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Shadow Knight Shana Oban

Name Shana Oban HRH

Position Shadow Chief

Rank Shadow Knight

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Alamaran)
Age 45
Allegiance Shadow


Weapon(s) - 2 Retractable Phrik Force Sais (appears as simple daggers most of the time)
- Purple-Hue Phrik Lightpike w/Removable Blade Attachment (Often Confused for a Basic Force Spear)
- Round Half-Body Ozryllium Shield
- DC-15s Plasma Sidearm
Vehicles Shana has an Irakae 2-17 Falcon. Which is a 2-seater hard-top land speeder. Matte Black.
Gear - Tech Gauntlet w/Built-in Comlink
- Tech Goggles
- Padded, Finger-less Gloves
- Climbing Claws
- Slicer Kit
- Computer Spikes
- Rebreather
- Black Utility Belt w/Left Thigh Holster
- Repulsor Pack (Repurposed from a Jet Pack)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Vibrant Blue
Physical Description Shana has a moderate amount of muscle about her, though with the baggy overalls and tool belts she wears most of the time, she does not present a physical demeanor.

Her hair is of a pixie-cut, kept short in case she needs to wear a disguise. Her skin is ivory and she often smells of night flowers (lilacs). Unless you see her in shorts, few can spot that her left leg is partially prosthetic. There is only a micro tic of lag in her stride - something she is still tinkering with to improve and only those with trained eyes can spot.

Her preferred attire fluctuates, depending on where she is, and if she needs to fit in with a crowd. However, there are several hooded shirts in her wardrobe, along with a collection of camping hats in her storage locker. As well as a fair amount of athletic clothes.

She commonly wears a specially made black-leather shoulder harness with a magnetic strip, firmly held in place at the small of her back. This harness keeps her shield firmly in place until she has need of it.


Spouse CC-02-1002 (aka Captain Flare, 19)
Children Nylan Oban (14, Adopted Son)
Father Ilem Oban, HRM (102)
Mother Darra Oban, HRM (95)
Brother(s) Coress Oban, HRH (57)
Sister(s) Aenyla Oban, HRH (48)
Other Family Ren Star-Gen-Su (164) - Jedi Master(?), Watchmen of the Alamaran System
Idan Borze (68) - Iridonian Weaponsmith, Friend

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shana is by nature elusive. She doesn't like to reveal much of her past and has become quite adept at falling into any false identity she deems fits any given situation. Aside from that, Shana is loyal to any that supports the same causes.

Many easily confuse her warm, welcoming personality as her being a friend to them. Truth be told, she has more in common with her modified IG-100 (Ton) and BD-5 (Fix-It) droids than people. Thus, when not on an intelligence-gathering assignment, she spends most of her free time with her partner (Flare) or son Nylan… or in her workshop.

She is noted to have a sarcastic sense of humor and often gets a bit cranky when people pry into her personal life.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong Core Force Skills
+ Exceptional Computer Skills
+ All-Around Tech Genius
+ Understands Many Computing Languages
+ Easy to Get Along With
+ Blends Well in Almost Every Environment
+ Expert Melee Duelist
+ Fluent in Droid Languages

-/+ Fair Shot w/Blaster Pistols and Rifles
-/+ Average Pilot (Not an Ace)

- Poor Ability to Connect to Living Beings in The Force (Except with those she is close to)
- Lacks Most Jedi Healing Abilities
- Poor w/Jedi Mind Tricks
- Has Trouble Letting Go of Past Demons
Ambitions She just wants to do the right thing, no matter the repercussions.
Hobbies & Interests - Tinkering w/Droids
- Dueling Practice
- Designing Technology
- Making Weapons/Armor

Learned Skills

Lightsaber Form(s) - Niman (Mastered)
- Soresu (Expert)
- Ataru (Adept)
- Djem So (Expert)

Shana's Niman Mastery Journey

Due to the years that it is required to dedicate oneself to mastering Niman, most Counselors, Healers, Diplomats, and Historians of the Jedi Order learn just enough of Niman so as to scrape a pass in the Jedi Counsel's Trial of Skill.

But for Shana, the Force Enclave's Niman Master, she has devoted more than a decade (and still adapts it today) into refining and retooling her style to meet the needs of the current situation. As such, she's had to learn more sequences from forms 1, 3, 4, and 5 in order to broaden the possibilities of her attacks.

Visually, she has a very grounded Soresu-type look fused with Djem So's philosophy of making critical strikes, only at the opportune moments. Ataru's flashy, rapid jumps and strikes are not as prevalent but generally are used to retreat or to press a Djem So-inspired attack.

All of the styles she's incorporated, pepper nicely with various Core Powers and Shadow stealth abilities, it can be maddening and frustrating to face her. Mostly so due to her weapon of choice - Lightpike.

While a lightsaber is an all-purpose weapon, Shana’s pike style is very much a long-distance weapon, capable of impaling anyone stupid enough to jump over her or enter her circle of defense. There is a distinct weakness in using her weapon to overcome this common injury pikes inflict, and if asked Shana will teach it. However, few have asked.

OOCly - Shana is designed to be a raid group's agility tank. So she's designed to hold the line long enough for her people to retreat, or tire out Force opponents until the group can kill/capture their target.
Force Powers - Core (Push, Pull, Run, Jump)
- Absorb
- Battle Precognition
- Breath Control [Passive]
- Force Choke
- Force Crush
- Force Cloak
- Force Awareness [Passive]
- Force Repulse
- Force Trance [Passive]
- Phase
- Saber Throw
- Stealth Stride
- Tech Insight
- Tech Override
- Tech Shunt

Skill(s) Learning

Approved to Learn - Force EMP
- Kinetic Shield (Sage, Neutral)
- Vaapad (Saber Form)


Personal History Shana Oban was born in 64 BBY on an Outer Rim planet called Alamar. It was a beautiful place but ripe with wars. While she does not remember much about the first 4 years of her life, Shana Oban lived in the kingdom of Silverdale as a princess. The youngest of her siblings.

Due to the planet’s constant civil war over planetary rule, any Force-sensitive child of a ruling family that was discovered, became hunted by an opposing kingdom and almost always killed. The moment Shana began to lift her nanny droid at age three, her parents knew they had to get her off-world.

Ren Star-Gen-Su was eventually contacted by the Silverdale monarchy and agreed to take the child to Coruscant.

Shana was assigned to the Katarn youngling clan, overseen by Jedi Master Paud Kryt and Jedi Knight Natt Hinx. Ren Star-Gen-Su went back to her assignment in the Outer Rim, though any time Ren would visit the temple, young Shana was always there to see the older woman.

Due to the High Council’s intolerance of gray Jedi, Ren’s visits were quickly made secret in order to limit Shana’s interaction with Ren. But there was clearly a Force Bond there, one that allowed Shana to always know when Ren was near. One so strong it gave the Council of Learning concern.

Shana’s life in the youngling clan was that of exclusion and aversion. While the other Jedi children were polite to her in lessons, almost all of her peers saw her as odd. Her connection to the Force was mostly through machines rather than living things - which set her apart.

Knight Natt Hinx noted Shana was undisciplined and disinterested when any important lessons about Force connections, philosophy, or history came up. Her room inspections were almost always failed due to holocrons and all sorts of tech spread all it. Tardiness to classes was also something of a bad habit with her.

Master Yoda’s lightsaber lessons were the only part of her youngling training that got passing marks. Sharp reflexes, great improvisation, keen ability to adapt and readjust to any situation - traits required of future Niman masters. Thus when she was 8, she qualified for that year’s Gathering to Illum.

Master Yoda was able to identify her officially on that trip as a Force Tech - Someone gifted in using the Force to manipulate and create technology bound to the Force’s Will. More so when she helped two of the other younglings in her group create their lightsabers - something she was admonished for and also acknowledged for.

Since her Gathering mission, that next year, she spent much of her time in the Jedi Temple library researching Jedi technologies and old Jedi weapons and garnered a reputation in the youngling clans as something of a tech prodigy. She even was praised by Master Kryt when she successfully recreated a miniature ancient Jedi Archive computer - though the core severely lacked in memory.

Just as she started to gain acceptance by the other younglings within the temple, she was assigned to Marz Ziest as his padawan - with much protest from him. For six years, Marz trained her. Or rather, treated her as a lab assistant that fetched stimcafe or bench tools. They took almost no assignments from the High Council and Marz was rather cruel to her in telling her she was inept and incompetent every time she failed a build design.

As his training as a Force Tech had been mostly trial and error, so too was hers. Only, Marz rarely corrected her or gave her sage advice in improving any of her designs or build approach. When not assisting him in the tech labs, Shana was mostly researching various machine designs in the library, helping/learning to make custom weapons from a weaponsmith named Idan Borze, or working on her Niman form with Master Cin Drallig in one of his open lightsaber session classes.

Had Shana stayed in The Order, Master Drallig may have eventually hailed her as THE Modern Niman Master at some point in her early Jedi Knight career, she was dialed-in so much to the form. This would have been a great accomplishment since most scholarly Jedi chose to learn just enough of the Niman form in order to pass their Jedi Knight’s Test of Skill trial.

The toxic relationship she had as padawan to master with Marz was only highlighted more when the Techno Union reported to the High Council of a virus running rampant through a sold-batch of their security droids. With the inability to override the programming remotely or shut them down, innocent lives were in danger. Thus the High Council sent Marz and Shana to Sullust to handle the crisis while a separate Jedi pair discovered who created the virus.

Failure would grossly simplify what happened on Sullust. Marz reported to the Council that Shana failed to handle her assignment of neutralizing the droids, and her inability to follow directions is the reason 23 people were killed in the droid-led massacre before Marz was able to permanently purge the virus from the droids.

Long story short… Marz succeeded in ridding Shana of his presence, while at the same time getting himself assigned to some obscure posting off-world. Shana was not as lucky. She was transported back to the Jedi Temple where she awaited a disciplinary review from the Council of Learning, and a few weeks later and with much debate among the Jedi Masters, she was stripped of her padawan status, and given choices of which Jedi Corps to serve.

Age 15, the only choice an arrogant teenager thought she had was to leave the Jedi Order, if Knighthood was impossible. She felt betrayed, hurt, and believed her life as a Jedi was over. She turned in her lightsaber and was moved to temporary guest quarters in the temple while her parents were contacted. A few days after that, Shana left the temple as soon as her birth family sent enough credits for her to make a living on her own.

This same family from Alamar sent her a care package in her new lush apartment of the senate district and paid for her education at Coruscant University of Technology. Two months into her education, Ren Star-Gen-Su snuck into her apartment with a small crate of Alamaran phrik ore, holocrons, and a promise - to continue Shana’s Force training in secret.

While Ren was off-world on assignment for The Order, the older woman forced herself to learn and master Force Tech skills that Shana would also need to learn to be a master. In essence - train Shana to become a much better, more gifter, more likable Force User - and give the girl hope.

The training was harsh when Ren visited. Every day Ren would either have Shana make some complex computer core design that took hours of concentration to complete and test or duel and challenge Shana’s Niman. Bruises and burned finger-tips were common during these sessions, and Shana began to understand the purpose - To instill creativity and improvisation whenever she hit a wall, be it in failing tech designs or in a fire-fight.

By the time Shana was twenty-two, she was fully-mastered in Niman. Her style was heavily infused with Soresu’s more difficult defensive sequences. To the point, someone might have mistaken her for a Soresu practitioner. Her Force Tech skills were also extremely finite and focused. If given the opportunity to take the Jedi Knight Trials, she would pass without question.

However, only in the workout room of her private home, did she ever feel like displaying her Force skills openly. Every part of her life that outsiders saw was an illusion. Ren taught her to blend in. To make herself “Small” in the Force. To pass as a regular person. In short, to be a watchman. A spy. A protector from the shadows. An expert observer.

By day she helped her friend Idan Borze make personalized weapons, as well as improve the tech inside them. At night, Shana often went into the lower levels of the city to fight a lot of the crime elements the planetary police were incapable of handling.

When The Clone Wars started, reports of the fallen Jedi of the First Battle of Geonosis angered her. So she reported to Coruscant's nearest Republic Army recruit depot. Spent two months in officer school, and was given command of a Republic Marine intelligence unit tasked with taking and holding communication strongholds.

Part of blending in as a non-Force User, she redesigned her trooper armor's jetpack to control the amount of thrust. Thus she could use her core Force skills unnoticed if she needed to.

To any Jedi that she came across, those that recognized her assumed she lost her strong connection to The Force and observed her privacy in the matter. She was there to fight the CIS and that was that.

Much of her war record, she cannot really talk about. Her early start, the marines went all over the galaxy. But once she was assigned to Mygeeto, things grew dark for all involved in that forsaken world.

She lied on-record about the circumstances of General Lynk's death. She did not want anyone knowing she was forced to duel the traitor Jedi after he turned friendly artillery shells on her unit. As she and Captain Flare were the only ones to survive the ordeal, she easily spun a story that made the 403rd look like heroes, and she was lucky to be alive.

Her assignment to her old master’s ship was… illuminating. Mostly stationed over Kashyyyk, Ren would on occasion take her down to the Shadowlands. Just them, and train. Here she learned to Phase properly. She had started to learn Force EMP, if not for the fact Chancellor Palpatine recalled Ren's fleet for reassignment and reenforcement of Ryloth.

At Ryloth, she found a battered BD-5 droid while on a ground patrol, scouring for remnant CIS droids. She took the droid in and upgraded its security systems, structural integrity, hack protocols, and bio scanners.

4 days before Order 66, Shana was asked by the Jedi Council to take a small strike team to Elphrona to rescue a downed ship of younglings and padawans. She, Captain Flare, and her IG-100 droid Ton go. After defeating a dropship full of B1 and B2 droids, they headed back to Ren's ship, only to start feeling the deaths of all the Jedi through the Force.

Understanding what was happening, Shana decided to take the survivors into Wild Space, where for 6 years, they have lived, recovered, and trained.
Service Record 22 BBY: 2 Months ABG (After the Battle of Geonosis)
Completed Officer Orientation. Assigned to the Republic Marines, 1st Division, Besh Company (403rd) as a Lieutenant and Company Commander of their scout unit.

21 BBY: 7 Months ABG
The unit is assigned to aid in the Siege of Mygeeto

21 BBY: 9 Months ABG
Successfully captures an IG-100 Magna droid and analyzes it for CIS data on Mygeeto. Later, is commended for her reprogramming and alterations of the droid she later dubs as, "Ton".

20 BBY: 1 Year ABG
Awarded the Republic Medal of Valor for bringing down a fallen Jedi Commander (Jedi Knight and General Bandon Lynk). Put on medical leave for while she adapted to her new prosthesis (lower-left leg was severed in her fight with Lynk).

20 BBY: 1 Year, 4 Months ABG
Promoted to Major. The 403rd Combat Engineering Unit was broken off from the Republic Marines and shifted to the Venator-Class Endurance, Under direct command of General Ren Star-Gen-Su.

19 BBY: Order 66
Presumed dead on a mission to retrieve the lost younglings and padawans on Elphrona.

17 BBY
Fulcrum establishes contact with The Enclave. Sets up a Rebel cell and Jedi Underground Railroad with The Enclave.