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Site Updates (12/14/2020)

Posted on Mon Dec 14th, 2020 @ 2:40pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH
Edited on Mon Dec 14th, 2020 @ 2:43pm

This past month, ROTF has seen some major changes/additions to it's Nova content. And this coming month, with the addition of Force Adepts as a pseudo-Force Class option, we'll see more alterations as the Command Staff discusses what we will and will not allow for their choices of Force Powers.

That aside, here are all the pages that has been added/updated:

* Force Powers (Added Many New Powers)
* Force Characters (Added Force Adepts)
* FAQ (Clarrified Wording Regarding Character Ships and Opened A/Y-Wings as Fighter Choices)
* Awards (Added 22nd Fleet Award Wins to the Site's Awards Page)
* Common Lingo (New Page)
* Sim Page (Added Star Wars Resources ROTF Pulls From)

Other pages have seen minor edits not worthy of note. Namely grammatical and syntax issues. However, I do wish to give a shoutout to Oma (aka Jagre/Trey) for helping me simplify the verbiage to some of the New Player pages.

Aside from the aforementioned Force Adept changes to be worked on this month, we'll continue to see what Force Powers we do and don't want to add, as well as create more wiki information that will better acquaint new players with ROTF. You should also expect a wiki page that clarifies the gear and ships character(s) can/cannot have.


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