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Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 8:39pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH

So, with Nova, it's a bit hard to separate the Force Powers with the OOC Awards, due to the GM staff using the awards system for IC Force abilities. A month or so ago, however, we placed the OOC Awards on the site. Anyone can nominate any player they like for any award. Some awards will have a review, some not.

We do the awards at the end of each mission as a big celebration. So if you wish to nominate people, DM the GM Staff (Monkey Lizards/Mynocks) on Discord, or PM via Nova system. Either is fine. Below are the awards and the criteria to earn them:

Community Achievement
This award is given to players who exemplify key qualities ROTF’s GM Staff admire most - Good sportsmanship, a positive attitude, enthusiasm for the Sim, and being a role model for other players of the community.

Writing Achievement
This award goes to players who exhibit strong writing ability. The player easily works well off what others write, and in many ways, helps to bring out the best in other players’ work.

Player’s Achievement
This award is given to a player who was nominated by their peers. The reasons could be anything from marked role-play improvement, to performing something truly noteworthy during the mission.

Comedic Timing Merit
Given to someone who is able to write very well written comedic stories that are memorable.

Action Hero Merit
Awarded to the player(s) who are able to write cohesive, imaginative, and exciting active-focused stories.

Prolific Puffer-Pig Plot Participation Ribbon
Awarded to all players who managed 4 posts or more in a mission.

Lastly, I also like to pull good quotes from posts and place them in the awards announcements. So if you see a quote to be acknowledged, send the GMs the post link, and who said it.

- Lark



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