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The Story So Far...

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 10:46pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH

With so many people coming into this Sim, the GM staff decided to release a Cliff Notes-type of a brief for the mission so far. While it is recommended people should read as many of our posts as they can to get a general idea of our characters and how we handle Force combat and training, this brief summary is designed to help people get into the story more easily...

Part I: The Arrivals

The Empire has picked up their activity of catching Force Sensitive people over the last few months. On Adamar, an agricultural planet forced to grow Imperial-grade rations for their military, one such Imperial trap lay in which Elusiaa and her son were outed and then captured by the local Imperial garrison.

Meanwhile, at The Enclave, 4 new Jedi arrived in a single week via the Rebel Alliance's Force Sensitive railroad. Some integrated easily, wanting to help train the younglings, others chose to rest from haven been on-the-run for so long, after Order 66. Few requirements were given to the new arrivals, as Shadow Knight Shana Oban felt it best to give each survivor some time to breathe.

Part II: The Rescue

Once the Rebel Alliance got word to The Enclave about Inquisitors arriving to Adamar to wipe out the last of the resistance and take control of the Jedi and her child, a strike team forms to take action. Rebel, Jedi, and Shadow alike took arms and planed a daring rescue. The posts related to the prison break are below:

1) Preperations and Infiltrations
2) Outside, When the Walls Fell
3) The BD Battalion Rides Again
4) Race to Exfil

Part III: Moving Forward

Once the strike team arrived back at The Enclave, some of the survivors and team members splintered off, unhappy with some of the methods used to complete the mission. Only with a dying Jedi Lore Master, did the group come back together with a newfound goal: Rebuild a new Jedi Order.

Illiana, after officially being knighted by Master Plex, was assigned a new padawan to help start off this new mandate. However, Nylan was anything but an ideal Jedi apprentice. Their mission to rescue another padawan went sideways when Nylan accidentally ingested a hallucinogenic substance from a Tatooine cactus. For the newly-saved padawan Jesse... well... this was probably not the best showing of what the new iteration of the Jedi Order is supposed to be.

Elusiaa's recovery was (and still is) a long process from the torture she endured at the hands of the Third Sister and the Eighteenth Brother. Anger and phantom pains linger and with the arrival of a Jedi Healer (who we know ICly only as a doctor/medic), Elusiaa has started to heal. However, the scars run deep and other wounds will never truly heal for her...


And now we enter the finale stage of A Call To Action, our first mission. Master Plex has passed on, but The Enclave must keep going. More rebels and Force Sensitive people have been secretly shifted to The Enclave on Haven - to join the cause.


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