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The Story So Far II...

Posted on Tue Jan 5th, 2021 @ 7:39am by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH

Part I: The Prologue

It has been 2 months since The Enclave has laid Master Plex to rest. In that time, Darth Vader has dispatched more Inquisitors and demanded more traps be set for suspected Jedi-types and their sympathizers.

Haven itself has seen an uptick in Rebel Alliance allies, survivors, and Force Sensitives wanting to do their part in fighting the Empire. A few of The Enclave's Jedi Knights have even taken on padawans while others train hard to combat the Empire's troops and Inquisitors.

Force mystic, Ren Star-Gen-Su even gave The Enclave a few ideas on where to start with the base's fortifications and defensive capabilities.

Part II: Mission Departures

Much as the Jedi High Council once did, The Enclave's leadership has dispatched 3 teams to 3 separate planets. One team heads to Maramere, where they are in search of special crystals that when tuned to the Force, can act as a natural cloak against technology and sight.

A long-lost Jedi Master is stuck in The Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, evading Imperial troops. As such, to prevent further firebombing of the planet, the Rebels have asked The Enclave to dispatch their second team there. Deadly plants and vicious, massive insects await them, along with a clone running from the Empire.

The third team to leave Haven, is a group of underworld experts and a few Jedi sent to Nar Shaddaa. Their mission is to find out what happened to one of The Enclave's watchmen. Dealing with Black Sun and hidden Imperial units may complicate their efforts.

Part III: Story Unfolds

Haven, meanwhile, is busy with wildlife baby season. Trying to upgrade the base may be harder than they thought if the predators of stealth decide their territory has been encroached. Maybe the planet exploration team will have a better view of the situation?

On Maramere, the crystal heist team have to work fast to build defenses around a mine. Can they do this without getting Imperial attention? All we can assume is that the mine is very likely to be a hotly contested place once the Imps find their location.

Kashyyyk's team has split into 2 pairs. Jesse and Flare have made it clear they don't like or trust each other. Let's hope they come to terms soon, or else they could risk the mission and their lives. Meanwhile, Nylan and Illiana have gone a different path. With the young padawan's past record of fumbles and fubars, let's hope he doesn't get himself or his master killed.

On Nar Shaddaa, the Black Sun is being watched by shadowy figures. Who they're contracting with is unknown, but the deals they have made can only mean terrible things are on the horizon...


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