A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Six years after Order 66, the Galactic Empire rules most star systems with an iron fist. For the citizens, this is a time of fear and uncertainty. If the Empire’s planetary governors aren’t trying to strip-mine or over-farm the lands of their resources, many Force Sensitive children are forcibly taken from their homes and never seen again.

What few Jedi survived The Purge, the small, growing Rebel Alliance has pledged to identify and transport them to a secret Force Enclave on a planet codenamed: Haven.

Darth Vader, commander of the Imperial Inquisitors, has dispatched his finest with a similar mission - To identify, capture, and train Dark Side agents for The Emperor’s own Sith Order. To thwart rebel insurgents. To kill any that resist the Emperor’s rule.

Now, Haven faces an uphill battle to rescue all Force Sensitives from Vader’s grasp. Only through greater study and preparation can this small base of survivors and rebels hope to survive and eventually, prevail...

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This Sim contains violent themes, strong language, and some sexually explicit moments. You must be 18+ to apply.

Latest News Items

» OOC Sim Award Nominations

Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 8:39pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

So, with Nova, it's a bit hard to separate the Force Powers with the OOC Awards, due to the GM staff using the awards system for IC Force abilities. A month or so ago, however, we placed the OOC Awards on the site. Anyone can nominate any player they like for any award. Some awards will have a review, some not.

We do the awards at the end of each mission as a big celebration. So if you wish to nominate people, DM the GM Staff (Monkey Lizards/Mynocks) on Discord, or PM via Nova system. Either is fine. Below are the awards and the criteria to earn them:

Community Achievement
This award is given to players who exemplify key qualities ROTF’s GM Staff admire most - Good sportsmanship, a positive attitude, enthusiasm for the Sim, and being a role model for other players of the community.

Writing Achievement
This award goes to players who exhibit strong writing ability. The player easily works well off what others write, and in many ways, helps to bring out the best in other players’ work.

Player’s Achievement
This award is given to a player who was nominated by their peers. The reasons could be anything from marked role-play improvement, to performing something truly noteworthy during the mission.

Comedic Timing Merit
Given to someone who is able to write very well written comedic stories that are memorable.

Action Hero Merit
Awarded to the player(s) who are able to write cohesive, imaginative, and exciting active-focused stories.

Prolific Puffer-Pig Plot Participation Ribbon
Awarded to all players who managed 4 posts or more in a mission.

Lastly, I also like to pull good quotes from posts and place them in the awards announcements. So if you see a quote to be acknowledged, send the GMs the post link, and who said it.

- Lark

» Site Updates (11/13/2020)

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2020 @ 9:47am by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

Since I last updated ROTF's site, we've seen a lot of new content. Of course, there are still pages that need updates and content that needs to be added. That is the nature of RPGs sites.

Below is a list of pages that have been updated/added:

- Rules
- Force Characters
- Non Force User Characters
- Character Creation
- Rebel Alliance, Function
- Chain of Command

The next round of page additions/updates I wish to do, is expanding the Rebel Alliance lore for Haven and how the underworld of the galaxy aid us.

» The Story So Far...

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 10:46pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

With so many people coming into this Sim, the GM staff decided to release a Cliff Notes-type of a brief for the mission so far. While it is recommended people should read as many of our posts as they can to get a general idea of our characters and how we handle Force combat and training, this brief summary is designed to help people get into the story more easily...

Part I: The Arrivals

The Empire has picked up their activity of catching Force Sensitive people over the last few months. On Adamar, an agricultural planet forced to grow Imperial-grade rations for their military, one such Imperial trap lay in which Elusiaa and her son were outed and then captured by the local Imperial garrison.

Meanwhile, at The Enclave, 4 new Jedi arrived in a single week via the Rebel Alliance's Force Sensitive railroad. Some integrated easily, wanting to help train the younglings, others chose to rest from haven been on-the-run for so long, after Order 66. Few requirements were given to the new arrivals, as Shadow Knight Shana Oban felt it best to give each survivor some time to breathe.

Part II: The Rescue

Once the Rebel Alliance got word to The Enclave about Inquisitors arriving to Adamar to wipe out the last of the resistance and take control of the Jedi and her child, a strike team forms to take action. Rebel, Jedi, and Shadow alike took arms and planed a daring rescue. The posts related to the prison break are below:

1) Preperations and Infiltrations
2) Outside, When the Walls Fell
3) The BD Battalion Rides Again
4) Race to Exfil

Part III: Moving Forward

Once the strike team arrived back at The Enclave, some of the survivors and team members splintered off, unhappy with some of the methods used to complete the mission. Only with a dying Jedi Lore Master, did the group come back together with a newfound goal: Rebuild a new Jedi Order.

Illiana, after officially being knighted by Master Plex, was assigned a new padawan to help start off this new mandate. However, Nylan was anything but an ideal Jedi apprentice. Their mission to rescue another padawan went sideways when Nylan accidentally ingested a hallucinogenic substance from a Tatooine cactus. For the newly-saved padawan Jesse... well... this was probably not the best showing of what the new iteration of the Jedi Order is supposed to be.

Elusiaa's recovery was (and still is) a long process from the torture she endured at the hands of the Third Sister and the Eighteenth Brother. Anger and phantom pains linger and with the arrival of a Jedi Healer (who we know ICly only as a doctor/medic), Elusiaa has started to heal. However, the scars run deep and other wounds will never truly heal for her...


And now we enter the finale stage of A Call To Action, our first mission. Master Plex has passed on, but The Enclave must keep going. More rebels and Force Sensitive people have been secretly shifted to The Enclave on Haven - to join the cause.

» Site Updates!!!

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 @ 11:36pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in Website Update

ROTF has seen a lot of updates behind-the-scenes. Most of which are in the Archives (Wiki). Below is a list of all the pages that have been updated/worked-on so far:

- Rules
- Character Creation
- An Abridged Explainer of Lightsaber Forms, Part 1
- An Abridged Explainer of Lightsaber Forms, Part 2
- Lightsaber Construction
- Tour Pages

There are many things being gradually worked on like Specs and at some point more Force theology pages. A few pages above are getting overhauls still, while others need completing. This is the cycle of wikis and Sim information.

To prospective guests, I normally don't do many notifications via Nova, but rather our Discord server. However, I have decided to remedy both. Because I wish to assure everyone we're a very active community both ICly and OOCly.

- Lark, CO-GM

» Open For Business!!

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 8:52am by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

With 90% of the site done, the CO-GMs feel we are ready to open the door!!!

Setting-wise, the Rebel Alliance Intelligence chief has formed an underground to shift most Force Sensitive the past 4 years. So folks can have already been in The Enclave if they choose, or get with the CO-GMs if you have another idea.

Latest Personal Logs

» Passing the time

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 7:48pm by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

After waiting for several hours, Aukil guessed that no one was coming tonight to leave. So she officially had some free time, this was a relatively new concept for her. Most of her life she was on the move, heading from one job to the next, running away from one…

» At Home

Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 @ 11:11pm by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

Aukil stepped back onto her ship and closed the door behind her. She was home, in her private sanctuary. She stripped off her gloves and unbound her lekuu and shook her entire body to relax it. After the meeting with Dorvaela and Shana, she had agreed to basically being at…

» The Wisdom of Master Jor Ka Ri

Posted on Sat Nov 14th, 2020 @ 2:01pm by Knight Artorius An

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no fear, there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness.
In balance with chaos and harmony.
Immortal in the Force.

Seeing as how I'm new to…

» I am Twi'lek

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2020 @ 3:00am by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

Aukil sat in the cockpit of her ship and contemplated what it was she was doing. She still wasn't sure why she had no memory of her early childhood, but from all the scars on her body, it was a pretty good chance it came from abuse. However, she didn't…

» Another Scar

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 11:53am by Knight Countess Jen'axandra Varris

Dear Journal,

Well, I have another scar to add to my extensive collection of mental and physical scars. I'm afraid a promising friendship has turned into something of a bitter rivalry between me and Illianna Duran. She believes me to be reckless. I believe the Enclave to be inflexible and…