A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Six years after Order 66, the Galactic Empire rules most star systems with an iron fist. For the citizens, this is a time of fear and uncertainty. If the Empire’s planetary governors aren’t trying to strip-mine or over-farm the lands of their resources, many Force Sensitive children are forcibly taken from their homes and never seen again.

What few Jedi survived The Purge, the small, growing Rebel Alliance has pledged to identify and transport them to a secret Force Enclave on a planet codenamed: Haven.

Darth Vader, commander of the Imperial Inquisitors, has dispatched his finest with a similar mission - To identify, capture, and train Dark Side agents for The Emperor’s own Sith Order. To thwart rebel insurgents. To kill any that resist the Emperor’s rule.

Now, Haven faces an uphill battle to rescue all Force Sensitives from Vader’s grasp. Only through greater study and preparation can this small base of survivors and rebels hope to survive and eventually, prevail...

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This Sim contains violent themes, strong language, and some sexually explicit moments. You must be 18+ to apply.

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» 22nd Fleet Awards - January/4th Quarter

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 5:33pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

I tend to make most Sim/Fleet announcements on ROTF's Discord, but I wanted guests and potential players who don't visit our Discord to know of our successes over the past quarter.

The 4th Quarter of last year, we swept all 4 months for their Post of the Month award. This is unprecedented and every player on this roster, at some point, helped make this happen and deserves to be more than proud of the community we've built here.

While not Gold, we still managed Silver for January's POTM. So well done!!!

ROTF also managed the Bronze Sim of the Quarter. This is an award that is nominated by all the GMs within 22nd Fleet. So it is to them and the Officers who finalized the list, that I wish to thank. Without your dedication, and the results yielded, we would not have gotten this far, much less recognized for our hard work and dedication.

All of us deserve to take a bow!!!

I want to add that the next round of Player's Choice Quarterly Awards is around the corner. I will announce when those forms are up to nominate people. In the meantime, keep up the great stories and continue to have fun!!!

And... May the Schwartz be with you.

» Post of the Month Sweep (Nov-Dec)

Posted on Mon Feb 1st, 2021 @ 9:03am by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

I want to congratulate everyone for their hard work this past few months. Your great writing skills and dedication is what put ROTF over the top for November and December's 22nd Fleet Post of the Month wins.

So... Corellian Ale all around!!!!

» Site Updates (01/15/2021)

Posted on Fri Jan 15th, 2021 @ 8:12pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

This Past Month we saw a few pages added to the Archives due to a busy holiday season. However, I still managed to get a bit of work done on the site. Most notably are guidelines and Nova's Mission and News terminology to better fit our universe. I've also broken down what the CO-GMs and AGMs do in ROTF, as well as breaking down the Episdoe structure.

New Pages

* Character Propety Guidelines
* Command Staff Responsibilities
* Episode Structure

Edited Pages

* Force Powers [Added 2 more powers.]
* Changed the Nova mission category language to reflect the Star Wars universe more accurately. [Missions to Episodes and Mission Groups to Story Trilogies]
* Main [Reformated the New Player Links]

Next month has no new pages planned at the moment, but knowing me and the rate at which ROTF continues to evolve, there will probably be 1-2 more new pages introduced next month. And as usual, small edits here and there will occur to further polish the overall look of the Sim's site.

» The Story So Far II...

Posted on Tue Jan 5th, 2021 @ 7:39am by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

Part I: The Prologue

It has been 2 months since The Enclave has laid Master Plex to rest. In that time, Darth Vader has dispatched more Inquisitors and demanded more traps be set for suspected Jedi-types and their sympathizers.

Haven itself has seen an uptick in Rebel Alliance allies, survivors, and Force Sensitives wanting to do their part in fighting the Empire. A few of The Enclave's Jedi Knights have even taken on padawans while others train hard to combat the Empire's troops and Inquisitors.

Force mystic, Ren Star-Gen-Su even gave The Enclave a few ideas on where to start with the base's fortifications and defensive capabilities.

Part II: Mission Departures

Much as the Jedi High Council once did, The Enclave's leadership has dispatched 3 teams to 3 separate planets. One team heads to Maramere, where they are in search of special crystals that when tuned to the Force, can act as a natural cloak against technology and sight.

A long-lost Jedi Master is stuck in The Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, evading Imperial troops. As such, to prevent further firebombing of the planet, the Rebels have asked The Enclave to dispatch their second team there. Deadly plants and vicious, massive insects await them, along with a clone running from the Empire.

The third team to leave Haven, is a group of underworld experts and a few Jedi sent to Nar Shaddaa. Their mission is to find out what happened to one of The Enclave's watchmen. Dealing with Black Sun and hidden Imperial units may complicate their efforts.

Part III: Story Unfolds

Haven, meanwhile, is busy with wildlife baby season. Trying to upgrade the base may be harder than they thought if the predators of stealth decide their territory has been encroached. Maybe the planet exploration team will have a better view of the situation?

On Maramere, the crystal heist team have to work fast to build defenses around a mine. Can they do this without getting Imperial attention? All we can assume is that the mine is very likely to be a hotly contested place once the Imps find their location.

Kashyyyk's team has split into 2 pairs. Jesse and Flare have made it clear they don't like or trust each other. Let's hope they come to terms soon, or else they could risk the mission and their lives. Meanwhile, Nylan and Illiana have gone a different path. With the young padawan's past record of fumbles and fubars, let's hope he doesn't get himself or his master killed.

On Nar Shaddaa, the Black Sun is being watched by shadowy figures. Who they're contracting with is unknown, but the deals they have made can only mean terrible things are on the horizon...

» Site Updates (12/14/2020)

Posted on Mon Dec 14th, 2020 @ 2:40pm by Shadow Knight Shana Oban HRH in General News

This past month, ROTF has seen some major changes/additions to it's Nova content. And this coming month, with the addition of Force Adepts as a pseudo-Force Class option, we'll see more alterations as the Command Staff discusses what we will and will not allow for their choices of Force Powers.

That aside, here are all the pages that has been added/updated:

* Force Powers (Added Many New Powers)
* Force Characters (Added Force Adepts)
* FAQ (Clarrified Wording Regarding Character Ships and Opened A/Y-Wings as Fighter Choices)
* Awards (Added 22nd Fleet Award Wins to the Site's Awards Page)
* Common Lingo (New Page)
* Sim Page (Added Star Wars Resources ROTF Pulls From)

Other pages have seen minor edits not worthy of note. Namely grammatical and syntax issues. However, I do wish to give a shoutout to Oma (aka Jagre/Trey) for helping me simplify the verbiage to some of the New Player pages.

Aside from the aforementioned Force Adept changes to be worked on this month, we'll continue to see what Force Powers we do and don't want to add, as well as create more wiki information that will better acquaint new players with ROTF. You should also expect a wiki page that clarifies the gear and ships character(s) can/cannot have.

Latest Personal Logs

» Dinner with an old Friend otherwise known as plugging into the network

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 6:03am by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

Aukil left the Cantina and the others to make her engagement with Zogrin. Both of their peoples were traditionally known as slaves throughout the galaxy, but some of them had risen above those labels by sheer determination. Zogrin was one that was free but chose to work for a very…

» Something This Way Comes

Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 @ 8:36pm by Soldier Vardis Kree

Vardis Kree, Personal Log.

I am sure that this is an exercise in futility, but I need to tell someone, so I am recording this message.

Here I am sitting in the cockpit of a captured vessel that is being kept in a hidden Imperial research lab and trying not…

» Passing the time

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 7:48pm by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

After waiting for several hours, Aukil guessed that no one was coming tonight to leave. So she officially had some free time, this was a relatively new concept for her. Most of her life she was on the move, heading from one job to the next, running away from one…

» At Home

Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 @ 11:11pm by Lieutenant Aukil Secra

Aukil stepped back onto her ship and closed the door behind her. She was home, in her private sanctuary. She stripped off her gloves and unbound her lekuu and shook her entire body to relax it. After the meeting with Dorvaela and Shana, she had agreed to basically being at…

» The Wisdom of Master Jor Ka Ri

Posted on Sat Nov 14th, 2020 @ 2:01pm by Knight Artorius An

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no fear, there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness.
In balance with chaos and harmony.
Immortal in the Force.

Seeing as how I'm new to…